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File .txt) or read online for free. What everyone who plays Tau wants the 6th Edition Tau Codex to look like. Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for .. Warhammer 40k - Codex - Tau Empire - FAQ. Uploaded by. Tau-Empire-Codex-LEAKED - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Tau 6th. Uploaded by. Mark O McGuire · Warhammer 40k 'Leaked' 6th Ed. pdf dutytowarn.infomer 40k tau codex 6th dutytowarn.info download here we use publishing site. codex: tau empire 6th edition is a codex for the 6th edition of.

Ce document au format PDF 1. Taille du document: Fichiers publics: Warhammer 40k - Codex -Tau Empire 6E. Contact with the lmperiu: Written by: Jeremy Vetock

As the first scans were picked up, the Earth caste that was then newly devised b technicians believed their sensors were malfunctioning, that, in future times of war or expan ion, the empire could the Earth caste.

This meant for the size of the greenskin fleet was staggering. The Ork still call upon masters of the art of war. Now, with the largest invasion was composed of some dozen separate Waaaghs! Only the determined that a leader of great destiny was needed. Whilst many of the Tau panicked over the immensity of the looming threat, there was one who saw that, as always, if the Empire worked together, they could defeat even an invasion of this magnitude. Aun'Va- now Ethereal Supreme - remained as calm as still water.

Commander by the name of O'Shaserra. Of her generation Those septs closest to the Ork threat- Vior'la, Sa'cea, and of Fire Warriors, there was only a single rival who could Tau'n - would combine forces in a delaying attack.

Behind match O'Shaserra's boldness and tactical abilities. That them, all other septs would rush troops and starcraft towards other warrior, O'Shovah, was not frozen, but rather chosen the front to serve as the next wave of counter-attacks.

As the united Tau advanced to confront the massive Ork invasion was now spread across the borders of oncoming Orks, initial engagements took place along the many septs. With their uperior weapom-y and the cohesion outermost regions of the Empire. The Tau navy launched of their force , the numetically infelior armies of the Tau hit-and-run attacks to lure pursuing Ork ships within range had been able to check the disorderly Ork hordes. It was of orbital defence stations.

The combined firepower of fleet a talemate, as the disparate greenskins could not gain the and orbital bases caused heavy Ork losses, although everal momentum or unity to drive towards a sept world, and the stations were destroyed when Ork sabotage ships crashed Tau could not eradicate the aliens from their realm.

Fire Warrior defenders were Taking leadership over a Hunter Cadre, Commander soon deployed aboard the remaining orbital ration and O'Shaserra joined the fray. After a daring string of victories, many desperate battles in the depths of space ensued.

By the time Sa'cea Prime's largest moon, Vay'harra, was proclaimed clear of Orks, Commander O'Shaserra's As the individual clans of the greenskins separated to follow name was already becoming well known. From there, she their own pursuits, the fighting spread aero s pace and led major victories on the dawn worlds of Kormusan, and over more than a dozen surface locations.

With each triumph, more made planetfall, additional Tau ground forces were landed Tau forces were freed to apply additional pressure to the to reinforce the area, even on barren moons, for the aliens fractionalised greenskin forces. After the total massacres of had to be denied any chance to scavenge supplies or set the K'resh Expansions, the power of the Orks was broken.

The Eartl1 caste had long been preserving personal heroics. Her penchant for infiltrating battlefields Puretide's memories- seeking to build an AI holograph and launching deadly ambushes was already legendary. A that would look, act and most importantly, think like him. With more established septs to Sphere Expansion could not have been better.

Water caste draw resources from, this drive to expand the size of their agents and Gue'vesa - human helpers who had sworn realm was undertaken on a scale never before attempted by loyalty to the Tau - confirmed what the Earth caste had the Tau Empire. The scope of Some Imperial planets, those open to bribery or idealists such expansions was limited - the Tau did not have the tl1at wished to e cape the pressing yoke of servitude to population needed to spread further, and they had not yet an overbearing tyrant, lay down their arms at their first fully learned to harness the full power of alien auxiliaries opportunity - welcoming Water caste ambassadors with to aid their cause.

Technical constraints proved a barrier as pledges of cooperation. Most human worlds, however, well, for the Earth caste have constantly been seeking ways to rejected Tau oYerture - mi trusting all aliens or perhaps develop starcraft with faster engines to allow them to bridge simply more frightened of the repercussions of their own the vast gulf of empty space between star systems.

For tho e frontier worlds that resisted, Shadowsun and her armies swept down in a eries of precision strikes. The Aun'Va knew that now was the time for the Tau to seize their human defence forces proved insufficient to even slow the destiny. The Great War of Confederation had served to put Tau down, much less hold mem off.

The Ork The northernmo t sector past me Damocles Gulf was soon invasion had proven a harsh training ground for the Fire wholly in Tau hands. Furthermore, many Fire Warriors and Orks and rebel h umans. Fleets of Water caste Indigenous terns were cleared of Hrud, un their Commanders had gained invaluable experience.

They Inhabitants Liaison conclaves were deployed to begin their were now better trained than ever to coordinate their efforts long integration proce with other septs and with the Tau navy. The amount of alien seize upon the enli htenment mat was being offered. The auxiliaries at hand for deployment to the Fire caste was Earth caste, eager to e: In order to keep me drive going outwards, In order to reach those more distant systems earmarked the Tau needed to establish fuel ources closer to the front as desirable by advanced scouts, the vast armadas of Tau lines of expan ion.

There, massed at the ports and orbital docks of Dal'yth, Sa'cea, and Vior'la, were huge flotillas. Target destination had been meticulously planned out - all planets and moons de ired for colonisation were well-marked on the fleet's holo-map.

Those worlds that had indigenous populations had already had many pre-emptive visits by Water caste traders and ambassadors in order to explore possibilities for a peaceful annexation. At last, the largest class of Buoyed by her initial successes, Shadowsun rapidly led battlesuit was unleashed, and under her armies deeper into Imperial territory. Although the Imperial defenders fought with their Shadowsun was using the old Puretide maxim: Fittingly, it was this new ement - laying waste to the massive heavy tanks with blood and only a few isolated pockets of resistance remained.

The planet, renamed Mu'gulath Bay, belonged to As Shadowsun passed into the Imperium's interior he the Tau and soon the whole system would follow. Instead of crashing headlong into well-defended the Zeist sector, and this too was part of Shadowsun's plan. While many attacks against which the Imperium could mount no seeded colonies fell to the elite forces of Mankind - their effective counter. At length, the Imperium settled into vaunted Space Marines - the effort tied down the majority of a static defence of a handful of their most key worlds.

The worlds of the Imperium toppled one after attack on the planet of her choosing. Her first target was another before the precision onslaught. In addition to the settled systems, or septs, the Tau realm is rife with all manner of space phenomenon, Tau-made structures and important alien homeworlds.

Each Devastated region where Hive Fleet Gorgon left behind is named after their Prime or sept world and can include any many barren planets, coured of all life forms. Tau communications! The sept from which a Tau hails forms a large part of capable of cro his identity, as the culture of each sept is subtly unique. Although they are a far-flung and migratory race, all Kroot eventually feel the pangs that lead them to return to their birth world - the true home of all O R B ITA L Kroot Kindreds, the world of Pech.

Many Nagi now serve as advisors to the Ethereal caste. Thus far, the Earth caste has failed to collect this resource, and travel into these regions is unadvised. Since failing at fuel-collection, the Earth caste are experimenting with a sun-killer weapon to devastate enemy systems, but thus far all solutions have proven too unwieldy.

Much of the military tradition of the Fire caste can be traced back to the early hunter tribes that stalked the plains of T'au, including unit organisation, tactics and the warrior's Code of Fire.

It is with great honour that the Fire caste continues such ancient traditions today. The Fire caste are professional soldiers. Each method is best soldiers and nothing else. Discipline, fitness, hard taught in depth by the great Fire caste academies and each work and following orders are drilled into the growing has its own adherents amongst the masters. Both styles are warriors. It is customary for teams to be raised and trained based on ancient hunting techniques, each representing together, allowing the troops to form strong connections - a one of the two broad approaches to slaying your quarry: Although some Commanders o r septs favour the use of To be named a shas'la - a full-fledged warrior of the Fire certain teams or weaponry for certain styles, ultimately it caste - is to have completed the rigorous training and to is the tactics being used that make the difference.

The Fire caste never stops readying for war - their M o NT' KA academies are purpose built to refine training and to Roughly translated,: To the Fire caste, aggressive style of Tau warfare, its tenet is all about the art war is an art form - a discipline to be studied and applied.

The most of identifying a target of opportunity and attacking it swiftly with a Hunter Cadre. Grievously wounded towards the end of his life, Puretide became a hermit, spending his last years committing his accumulated wisdom and experience to p osterity.

He wished to p ass on his unique, balanced style of war so that, after his death, others could build upon his successes. All Fire caste academies teach Puretide's work and, to this day, the most promising students, perhaps only one every generation, can still apprentice directly under the tutelage of Puretide himself These elite disciples spend time with the old master thanks to the Earth caste's holographic programming technology. However, this is no mere recording of old images, but an interactive AI-assisted projection that thinks, responds and contemplates.

Despite all his ejfoTts - both when he lived and in his currentform -few. Common to all methods of Tau warfare, Mont'ka places a strong emphasi on tar et prioritisation and concentration of fire - attacking the ri ht foe at the right time with an overwhelming application of force. A cadre pursuina the: The coordination of such events is pre-planned, although, natura. There is grea bond of rrust between the cadre that conducts the. This style of combat relies on the interaction of the hunter and the lure.

The lure can be almost anything - most likely a friendly unit deployed in an intervening position upon the battlefield or perhaps an objective known to be vital to the foe. Using wisdom and foresight, the patient hunter will anticipate the enemy's path and deploy in the most advantageous manner to attack them.

For example, a cadre practicing Kauyon might set up an attack along a known enemy advancemen t - placing a team far forward to inflict some initial damage before falling back. As the friendly troops withdraw, they are sure to be followed by the vengeful foe. How best to attack that advancement is where the art of Kauyon comes into play. True masters of the ambush attack have so many layers of plans within plans that only at the end do their opponents come close to realising that all of their actions have been anticipated, even orchestrated, to achieve the attacker's end result.

Many a foe has been drawn in by the spider-web plans of a Kauyon, lured by intentional weak spots left on the Tau battle line, or induced into a killing zone by teams feigning retreat. There are many subtleties to the Tau ambush strategy, with canny Commanders using multiple distractions to split a foe's forces, or actively moving their lures in order to spread the enemy out, leaving them vulnerable to impending attacks. Movement is key, whether launching the last stands as incompetent defeats or the last refuge of an aggressive attacks of Mont'ka, racing to get into the key unimaginative Commander.

When seeking to wear out positions demanded by Kauyon, or attempting any of the or reduce a numerically superior foe, the Tau prefer a lesser known hunting styles such as the encirclements of disconnected series of rapid strikes and ambushes, each Rinyon or the thousand daggers approach of Rip 'yka.

On planned to deliver maximum damage for the least cost in these grounds, the Fire caste is built and equipped for fluid lives and resources. The Tau regard close combat as primitive and always plan their attacks around the application of While sacrifice for the Greater Good is considered heroic, ranged firepower. After a plan has run its course, whether unnecessary losses are disdained. Even after leading a cadre in victory or defeat, Hunter Cadres are extricated from the to a remarkable victory, a Commander whose army has battlefield using one of many planned exit strategies.

As a general principle, Tau forces do not hold positions Duty requires that he ask to step down and rejoin the ranks by choice. While they recognise the tactical advantage of to atone for his failure. If the breach of conduct is more terrain, and always attempt to use it to their benefit, they severe, the Ethereals themselves might step in and demand do not see the wisdom of fighting over ground and regard the Malk'la ritual, an event that scars all who witness it. At the suggestion of the track and kill targets in an efficient manner, prefening to Ethereals, large numbers of auxiliaries largely made up keep as much distance between themselves and their prey from allies auxiliaries have been incorporated into the as possible.

Meanwhile, the new armaments A Tau army will gladly retreat from a strong enemy attack Earth caste continues to provide new technological options.

Unlike many races, Tau to stress the old maxim: In order to achieve success with their rapid strikes and ambushing frrefights, Tau forces must be flexible, and ready to work together.

It is a Fire caste mantra that each every unit must operate in conjunction to fulfil the dictates of the Greater Good.

The most commonly deployed is the Fire Warrior Team, the backbone of most Tau armies. Each team of Fire Warriors consists of between six and twelve soldiers.

All members of a team come from the same sept, and most likely have gone through Fire caste academy together. All teams have a team leader, although he can only earn the higher rank of shas'ui after extensive battlefield experience. Teams that serve together in the field often bond tl1emselves through rituals, of which the most famous is the 'ta'lissera', which roughly translates to a type of communion or binding oath.

Tau 6th Edition Codex Leak

Those who have sworn such an oath may address each other by their individual names and have vowed to support one anotl1er unto death. It is not uncommon for teams to progress together as well - veteran Fire Warrior Teams may even earn promotion to shas'ui together. Each might serve for a time as a squad leader for a different Fire Warrior Team before the survivors are reunited as a Crisis Team. There are many types of cadre, but by far the most common one is the versatile Hunter Cadre.

It is a combined arms group, fielding infantry, battlesuits and gunships together. A cadre is comparable in size and power, if not in composition, to what the Imperial Guard might call a company. Hunter Cadres are a standing formation, although their exact structure is variable, subject to change due to the tactical situation on the ground, the quarry they are hunting, the available reinforcements or a Commander's favoured mode of attack.

The core of most Hunter Cadres is its Fire Warriors, but these can be supported in a number of ways. Teate t threats and Hammerhead Gunships use their deadly armaments to blast enemy armour or break up massed infantry attacks. A Hunter Cadre is fully integrated at the tactical level, so that all teams are considered to be part of the arne fighting unit. There are a number of different cadres in addition to the hunter variety, altlwugh they tend to be smaller in size and more optimised for incmidual roles.

There are Rapid Insertion Forces made exclusi.. Its heavy firepower is used to counter enemy tanks and is capable of toppling even the mightiest targets. During the Hive Fleet Gorgon invasion, Armoured Interdiction Cadres blunted the Tyranid bio-titan spearhead - pitting shoals of Hammerheads against towering Hierophants flanked by the tank-sized Hierodules. The most senior Commander is designated as Contingent Commander, and his own cadre is nominated as a headquarters guard. An Ethereal might be present in a force at cadre level, but there is always at least one when a contingent is formed.

Ethereals often stay at the headquarters position, as it is a hub for incoming reports and his councils can be best received there. Should an Ethereal wish a closer observation of a situation, he will attach to or even assume leadership over a cadre.

Unlike a cadre, a contingent is not a permanent formation, though efforts are made to preserve contingents that have served efficiently together dming prolonged campaigns. Once objectives are achieved - such as a breakthrough of enemy lines or the elimination of a foe - the contingent is dissolved or reformed into anotl1er arrangement. Communes are often formed by contingents from different septs, and although rarely seen before the Damocles Gulf conflicts, they are now more regularly formed, most famously during the decade-long campaign against tl1e Orks known as the Great War of Confederation.

The four commands are drawn together into a strategic organisation referred to as a coalition, and are presided over by a specially assigned Etllereal council. Thus, a coalition will consist of all Tau and auxiliary forces on a given world or within a particular system. In sound, it is deeply lyrical and soft, with many words and meanings varying greatly depending on a user's intonation, glottal emphasis and even posture.

Its multiple arrangements of polysyllabic word groups make it difficult in the extreme for human speech organs to pronounce correctly. Without voice translation technology, only the most skilful linguist would have any hope of speaking even the most basic Tau words and phrases.

Tau names are multipart, with the prefix that names the such as Fire caste Commanders or any of the Ethereal caste, caste they were born into considered by far to be the most are clearly given re pect bordering on reverence, the Water important part. The name of the fifth variations in the Tau language that translates roughly as the caste translates most often as Ethereal Aun. With the caste established, the second portion of a Tau There are five major levels of rank within society, each of name refers to their rank within society.

In ascending order of seniority, rank or profession. Each role is recognised as being part of the greater whole and a furtherance of the common good. This portion o: Certain septs Empire literally 'human helpers' also comain meanino- in them elves, as they embody a panicwar t: Each caste acts, speaks and even thinks in its own unique manner.

With a glance it is easy to identify a Tau's caste; however, it takes closer scrutiny to reveal his rank in Tau society and possibly which sept he originates from.

A Tau's caste is the easiest to distinguish, as the physical traits of each are immediately recognisable: Most Tau appear stern and impassive, their flat faces registering little to no emotion, with the exceptions of the Fire caste, who can be roused to an intense anger, and the highly demonstrative Water caste, whose facial features are softer and more expressive than any other of Tau kind. The colour of a Tau 's skin offers hints as to his caste as well which sept he calls home.


In general it can be said that the Fire caste tend to have the darker pigmentation, while the Air caste have the palest. The darker the Tau 's bluish-grey skin, the closer to the sun he lives - therefore those hailing from Vior' la have much darker skin than those from B ' orkan. Although all Tau speak the same language, each caste has adopted a unique pattern of speech and each sept has a distinctive dialect. Ever pragmatic, the Earth caste speak in matter-of-fact tones, similar to, but more monotonous from the First Sphere Expansion are generally considered than the clipped orders of the Fire caste.

As the Water caste usually adopts the speech pattern , mannerisms and tones of those with whom they conYerse, it is more difficult to gauge what their dialect actually ounds like; however, when on their own or only amongst others of their caste, their speech patterns and voices are the mo t melodic of all Tau.

This is the highest form of Tau affection for one to another, as it symbolises the sacrifice of the individual become part of a greater whole.

In all castes, age and experience are venerated. It is common for Tau to bear a sinal e calp lock, sometimes adorned with ornamented rinole indicative of rank. The more elaborate the decoration on the scalp lock, the higher the rank and po ition. They are united in the common cause of expanding their empire in the name of the Greater Good.

Except on human planets that are still in the process of being subsumed, the Tau do not use the Imperium's dating system.

However, for ease of translation, we have done so here. M36 End of the Mont'au Strange lights are seen and the Ethereals arrive. M39 Steady Advancement M38 The Great Expansion Improvements to anti-grav moton and new battlesuit technology the T-series pmtotypes help the Fire caste complete the annexation of Task 'vaT Sept.

A time ofgreat scientific and cultural evolution, during which the Tau advance into space, colonising planets as far as their conventionally fuelled spacecraft will take them Believing they have tracked theirfoes down, the Tau instead destroy the Eldar maiden world of Lilqrsus. Future relationships continue to be strained. M37 Tau'n Established Ethereals declare the colonies centred around the planet Tau 'n will become their own sept - or realm, governed centrally from Tau 'n, the sept world or prime planet.

This is the first of many star systems to be colonised. M37 Welcome Additions The Poctroon become thefirst sentient race to join the Tau Empire, although within a few generations, disease destroys their indigenous population.

The Tau, whose physiology is fortunately immune to the plague, inherit the Poctroon homeworld, turning it into the prime world of what will become Bark 'an Sept. The Nicassar become the first race to join the Tau Empire and survive long enough to tell about it. M38 to M38 Campaign of Cleansing The first prolonged campaign against the Orks. The Tau suffer many defeats but au: Dal ': M38 The t: IYithin a decatk. They had long been couTted by the Water caste - but little was established savefor cTystal trade agreements.

Within days ofEthereals ' involvement, the Vespid Strain leaders convert wholeheaTtedly to the cause of the Greater Good. M40 Vior'la Triumphant! A massive Orkfleet invades Vior'la Sept but is defeated by a masterful campaign. It causes deadly plasma storms to mvage the planet, whose inhabitants survive by closing protective domes around their cities. Ork Warlord Garskrak and his invading army are lured into this deadly storm where they are utterly destroyed by the raging plasma radiation. During this period the Thraxians, Greet, and Formosians are welcomed into thefold.

His brilliant campaigns later conquer half a dozen star systems. FnabiL to UJa! Only those who attain perfect scores at the Fiu: M41 The Arkunasha War It is especially notablefor the rise of the brilliant Puretide protege named Commander Farsight.

Commander Brightsword, a student ofFarsight: S way ofwm; leads an attack to claim the Imperial world ofNimbosa.

By the time the Imperium b1ings reinforcements, the Tau are p'l'epared to defend their new planet. Thefighting culminates with the infamous Koloth Gorge Massacre, where the forces of the Imperial Guard are so bTUtally slaughtered that Brightsword is censured, summoned back to T'au due to the remorselessness of his acts.

Since this attack, the planet has changed hands several more times and remains a war zone. It is a bloody campaign, which is finally stymied at Dal'yth Prime. The retreat ofImperial forces marks the end of the Second Sphere Expansion. M41 to present - The Third Sphere Expansion M41 The Stasis Chamber A un 'Va makes the decision to place the favoured pupils of the rapidly declining Commander Puretide into stasis using prototype technology being developed for deep space travel This allows 0 'Shaserra and a few select other to be recalled at later need.

M41 Ksi'm'yen Established Thefirst sept of the Third Sphere Expansion is declared and used as a staging ground forfurther advancement. However, thefamed Commander defies orders to return, instead establishing a string offortified planets known as the Farsight Enclaves. Transmissions show robotic creatures using unidentified energy weapons.

The populated Tau world of Atari Vo bears the brunt of the attack beforefinally being defeated by the combined forces ofDal'yth Sept and an unlikely ally - Commander Farsight and his bodyguard cadre. M41 to M41 A New Menace Tyranid Hive Fleet Gorgon smashes into thefringe of the Tau Empire and claws inwards before being ultimately defeated upon the sept world ofKe'lshan with the help of unlikely allies in the form of a fleet of shipsfrom the Imperium of.

M41 Defeat at Zeist This campaign is also notablefor the brilliant tactics and battle record of a shas 'o recently awoken from stasis, who there earns the name Shadowsun. With the help ofExpeditional ' Cadres, the star system is graded a class 1 colony, moving steadily towards becoming a fully fledged sept. However, all this preparation comes to naught as the sector becomes a war zone, targeted for xenos cleansing by the Ultrammines Space Marines Chapter.

Many colonists are slain. An Imperial counterthTUst attacks the colonies in the Zeist sector. It is a bright day for the Tau, who saw a foe with vastly superior numbers crushed. The old powers of the galaxy, corrupt and bloated as they are, struggle in what is surely their death throes.

Such is the cycle, for new growth pushes through old, new stars form out of the dust of suns gone supernova in ages past. In the galaxy's far east, a new power is rising; its destiny will not be denied. The Eastern Fringe is a war zone. Much of this equipment arrives strike warfare, exterminating resistance and paving the way pre-fabricated, lowered into position by massive dropships for the seeding colonies that follow directly behind the that descend from orbit.

Planetary rule is maintained by fighting spearheads. Many of the planets and star systems councils of the native race, although they will quietly report that have fallen before their onslaught were once under to Tau advisors. Occasionally, their decisions are overruled the Imperium of Mankind's control.

Intercepted messages by the Tau, but such instances decrease with time. Native confirm what high-ranking captives and alien collaborators customs are allowed and studied by the Tau, and so long as inveigled by the Water caste have also said - the Imperium's they do not inhibit efficiency, they are allowed to continue. A N EW S U N R I S I N G Based on the number of planets seized in the initial phase of Whether willingly, under the intimidating tlueat of a pulse the Third Sphere Expansion, the logistical teams within the rifle, or after a series of crushing defeats in bloody battles, Water caste have been projecting likely outcomes - to aid many populations now find themselves as part of the the Ethereals' plan making.

According to their estimations, growing Tau Empire. In this dark age of war and barbarity, the Tau will more than double their holdings - that is, the where no quarter is asked and none given, any alien - be number of occupied planets in the Tau Empire - within they human, Pakasar, N'deemi or any of a multitude of other the next races - all have deep set fears and expectations of what a 60 tau'cyr, a time period roughly equivalent to 50 Terran years.

The volume of captured alien worlds planetary takeover will be like. Most have heard accounts and especially Imperial worlds, with their vast resources or rumours of brutal Ork enslavement, insidious Hrud and large populations are fuelling further growth at an infestations or horrific tortures at the hands of cruel Eldar exponential rate.

When apprised of these mathematical overseers. While the Tau fight to win, they will, after each predictions, the Ethereal High Council simply nod; the plan of their victories, repeat their offers for peaceful surrender. On dozens of worlds, a new day is rising. What happens when their opponents finally accept the Tau's terms for a ceasefire is shockingly civil. Tau In the aftermath of a fierce battle, even as fires still interpreters move amongst the people, speaking the native blaze upon the newly renamed planet of Mu'gulath Bay, language and seeking to calm their fears, telling them Commander Shadowsun turns her attentions onwards.

With to embrace change and promising them that soon they one of the most heavily defended of Imperial worlds in the will see the light of a Greater Good. These ambassadors system conquered and burning beneath her feet, many new are escorted by phalanxes of armoured Tau warriors and, courses are now open for colonisation. To take advantage of while they are peaceful, they brook no violence, whether them, the Tau must move quickly. The directing class of Tau, t ones known.

The distinctive streamlined terns send disturbing news, their transmissions indicating trouble could well be coming from those anarchic Ork-held sec o. History has proven that there is no foe the Tau can not overcome, and soon, the very stars themselves will be reforged in the cause of the Greater Good.

Each entry describes the unit and gives the specific rules you will need in order to use them in your games. The Army of the Third Sphere section pg refers back to these entries. The second part of this section, known as the Arsenal of Expansion, details the armoury of weapons and equipment available to each Tau unit. The exception is unique items of wargear, or Signature Systems; details for these items can be found with the special characters to which they belong.

Those within such a team swear to support one another at all costs for the rest of their lives. They will even willingly sacrifice their own lives in order to better aid their com-rades. It is an ennobling ritual and symbolic of the drivingforce behind the Tau Empire, that an individual must submit his individuality to the greater purpose of the community.

No Joe can evade the Warlord once they have fallen under his crosshairs. Enemy models cannot take Look Out, Sir rolls against your Warlord's shooting attacks. If your Warlord has no ranged weapons, re-roll this result. One use only. Declare your Warlord is using this ability at the start of one of your Shooting phases.

A unit consisting entirely of models with this special rule not counting drones benefits from Heroic Morale, even if they are not accompanied by an Independent Character.

This Warlord has mastered the battlesuit art of striking at his target while evading retribution.


If your Warlord is not jet Pack Infantry, re-roll this result. Using overlappingfields of. Declare your Warlord is using this abi lity at the start of one of your Movement phases. Remember that a unit can still only fire Overwatch once each phase. When generating Warlord Traits, a Commander or Ethereal may either roll on one of the Warlord Traits table s in the Warhammer 40, rulebook, or roll on the table pre ented on the right.

Exemplar of the Selfless Cause. The Warlords heroic example inspires his warriors to ever greater acts Predator of the Skies. For that phase, the Warlord, and his unit, have the Skyfire special rule. Using speed and sheer aggression, the Wadont pushes his forces as he seeks to land a decisive offensive blow upon the enemy.

Your Warlord, and any unit he joins, does not scatter when arriving by Deep Strike. If your Warlord cannot Deep Strike, re-roll this result. Some vehicles include two drones - these start the game attached to the vehicle.

Drones do not have the Bulky special rule. This means that while they are attached, they squad members in all regards. They are unable to leave can make shooting attacks as if they were passengers their unit and must maintain unit coherency with their shooting from Fire Points, using their location on the unit at all times.

Drones taken as upgrades cannot vehicle to determine line of sight, range etc. Unlike other purchase options, however, and so do not pay for them models shooting from Fire Points, attached drones must if their unit does so. Target Acquired abilities used by a Tau vehicle, or vehicle For example: If a vehicle is destroyed before it has detached its drones, the drones are automatically destroyed along with it. If the disembarking from an Open-topped Transport.

All Independent Character then leaves the unit, all his drones from a vehicle or vehicle squadron must detach surviving drones also leave the unit, forming a separate at the same time - they then form a single new unit. After detaching, drones cannot re-attach to any vehicle, If the Independent Character is killed whilst part of a but they can embark on Transport vehicles in the same unit, his surviving drones are thereafter part of that unit manner as other drones.

Drones that started the game attached to a vehicle do If the Independent Character is killed while he is not your opponent only needs to destroy the vehicle, not award Victory Points when destroyed. In addition, joined to another unit, do not remove any surviving and not that vehicle's detached drones as well, to be drones - the unit is not destroyed until all the drones awarded any Victory Points it is worth.

These drones cannot join other units.

Another Independent Character can j oin the surviving drones, but as they are not his upgrades, he cannot take them with him if he then joins another unit. Special Rules: It is a position of great honour, and can only be attained after years progressing through the ranks - there are no shortcuts or exceptions. The final test to advance from the shas'el level is to have repeated success on the battlefield. To be named shas' o is to be proven a master in the martial arts, a first rate tactician and a true disciple of the art of war.

Commanders that hail from the Elsy'eir and T'olku Septs are typically considered more cerebral in nature, ordering their troops from behind the front lines and only entering the fray themselves upon great need.

There are times when hubris gets the better of these proud military masters, and in such situations, the council of the Ethereals reins the Commanders back in. It is constantly said that 'there is no substitute for victory, but this is balanced by the virtues of the Code of Fire and the Greater Good. Personal heroics, while lauded, are never an end unto themselves. It is a rare that a malk 'la must take place - a ritual discipline meted out by the Ethereals to those deemed to have erred in judgement in regards to the Greater Good.

Depending on their situation, sept and renown, a Tau Commander can be called upon to lead anything from a cadre to a coalition. The number and size of previous commands is reflected in the rings confining their long scalp lock.

Those new to the rank might be given a single cadre, a force numbering a hundred or so warriors, whilst the greatest military leaders, those whose names and victories are most honoured, can call countless millions to arms with but a single word. Upon attainting the rank of shas'o, a member of the Fire caste will serve his sept until death or until he has earned honoured retirement, though the most successful Commanders are asked to join the military high command, or shas'ar'tol.

Each of the Spheres of Expansion has its notable Commanders - great heroes whose teachings are still used at the Fire caste academies. There, the ways of the Wise Hunter, a great conqueror of the initial expansions, can be heard, as well as those of Commander Quicks trike, hero of the Bork'an Sept.

Many references are made to Commander Trues tar, the female military leader whose brilliant career was marred by a single tragic error, and to the Desert Beast, the wily Commander Dawnstrike, whose exploits of feigned retreat are often emulated, but never bettered. Yet of all these great lords of the Fire caste, there are none whose battle record can come close to equaling that of Commander Puretide, the noble master whose name was behind the greatest victories of the triumphant Second Sphere Expansion.

There are vast differences in approach and philosophy between the varied Tau Fire caste leaders. Jet Pack Infantry Character. Crisis battlesuit pg Independent Character, upporting Fire pg 32 , Very Bulky. They embody the roles of royalty and the priesthood, and the deference paid to them is the closest thing to mysticism in Tau society.

The Ethereals find themselves in a binding role - guiding the other castes to work together for the Greater Good. An Ethereal must be a consummate leader and motivator: The absolute control which Ethereals exhibit over the other castes of the Tau Empire is a mystery. Many assume such manipulation is a form of innate psychic ability; others feel that the faultless loyalty the Ethereals inspire has been contrived by some unseen technology, or is even the result of some pheromone-based reaction.

The most primitive races Tau forces have encountered believe the Ethereals are deified beings, leaders of an advanced people chosen for greatness. Naturally, the Ethereals themselves help propagate and encourage this particular myth.

As the Tau do their utmost to prevent any Ethereal from being slain or captured, there have been few opportunities to conduct tests, and those that have been performed offer no conclusions, and far more questions. The presence of an Ethereal is motivational, but they are not mere figureheads; they are also reverential leaders for whom any Tau would willingly lay down their life. By invoking the elemental truths, an Ethereal can inspire those around him to perform feats above and beyond what is normally considered possible - bravery in the face of certain death, an increased focus as enemies draw near, an ability to withstand crippling pain or a sudden celerity that allows them to maintain a weight of fire even on the move.

The Tau themselves do not question the source of these powers, accepting the greatness of their leaders on faith. Infantry Character. Independent Character, Stubborn. Failure is Not An Option: AJJ friend! Pinnilla and Regroup te rs. If the Ethereal is slain, the elemental power ends immediately. Affected models have ilie Stubborn special rule. Affected models fire an extra shot with pulse weapons pg 66 when firing at a target within half the weapon's maximum range.

This does not affect pulse bombs, but includes Kroot rifles firing pulse rounds. Storm of Fire can only affect a unit once per turn, regardless of how many Ethereals invoke it. Affected models can fire Snap Shots after running. For some, this is a practical realisation that the tactical versatility required by Crisis or Stealth Teams eludes them; for others, it is simply a preference to remain squarely situated with the heart of any Tau gunline.

Fire blades are the most grizzled and seasoned Fire Warriors of their cadre, whose skill at the Fire Warrior's art of battle leads them to eschew battlesuit technology. They are excellent field leaders and their long experience has taught them exactly where to place shots to maximise damage. It is on the firing line that a Cadre Fireblade really comes into his own. There, they radiate a steadying calm, directing their Fire Warriors to maintain accurate fire no matter the circumstances, instilling each trooper with the precision and efficiency that is the hallmark of thousands of years of martial teachings.

Whether breaking the impetus of an advancing horde of greenskins or seeking to bring down the heavily armoured Space Marines of the Imperium, no one knows a Fire Warrior's strength better than a Cadre Fireblade. A Cadre Fire blade will extol what they believe to be the Tau's strength - overwhelming infantry firepower! Theirs is the ability to drive and direct Fire Warriors as they pour volley after volley of merciless pulse fire onto the target.

Fire blades were once Fire Warrior troopers like any other in the cadre, and as they gained experience, they rose to become shas'ui: Whereas most of these seasoned leaders eventually choose the great honour of donning a battlesuit, there are a few who instead The military path that takes a soldier to become a Cadre Fire blade can never rise as high as the rank of shas' o - they are limited to a level just beneath that of shas'el.

Nor does the title carry with it the elan associated with those who wear a battlesuit. Nonetheless, Cadre Fire blade, or shas'nel in the Tau language, is a highly respected role - not least because of their willingness to forgo prestige. The constant drilling and workman-like efficiency of a Cadre Fireblade is, to the Tau, a willing embrace of their most beloved concept, the Tau'va - the Greater Good.

Combat armour pg 70 , pulse rifle pg 66 , photon grenades, markerlight pg Volley Fire: If the Cadre Fire blade, and every model in his unit, remain tationa. If they pass this ancient ritual which varies from sefll lo sep then they are fit to become a shas 'ui - a veteran considertxl battles uit-worthy.

Only Corlr nders are allowed to retirefrom active service, where they be honoured to join the council of advisors and play a ater part in Tau politics. Other than death, this is the only U'll w leave the Tau military. Bred for generations to maximise size and strength, these warriors-to-be are enrolled in Fire caste academies as soon as they can walk, institutions whose sole purpose is to produce soldiers to serve the growing Tau Empire.

There they are rigorously prepared, in mind and body, to become Fire Warriors - the professional infantry that forms the backbone of the Hunter Cadres of every sept. It is said with pride that behind every Fire Warrior stands thousands of years of training in the military arts and instruction in the laws of the Code of Fire: Tau Fire Warriors are superbly equipped for battle and a large part of their training is to acclimate themselves with the use of their high-tech gear.

All Fire Warriors wear multi-layered body armour that provides defence against high velocity or explosive rounds. Thanks to their mastery of metal fusions, the armour is lightweight, especially in comparison to conventional materials - such as those used by Orks or the Imperium.

The enlarged sinistral shoulder pad is particularly useful, as Fire Warriors are trained to use this as a shield, often positioning it towards incoming fire to increase their protection. Their helmets contain a number of digitised aids, including sensors, target-tracking readouts, air quality levels and communications uplinks.

The arsenal available to Fire Warriors is formidable, with individuals carrying either a pulse rifle or a pulse carbine. With this advanced armament, Fire Warriors can Ia, down a withering fusillade upon their foes. Their range and hitting power outclasses the standard weapons of every race the Tau have yet encountered. Fire Warrior Teams consist of between six and twelve warriors.

A team leader, or shas'ui, is a veteran wanior whose experience has prepared him to command. The Fire caste puts utmost importance on acting in a coordinated fashion upon the battlefield. Needle acrifices or inadequately supporting nearby teams are considered great failures. Fire Warrior Teams drill endlessly in setting up overlapping fields of fire and positioning themselves so that they can efficiently protect other teams should they be attacked. Such rigorous training produces Fire Warriors to whom covering fire is second nature - able to send volleys of pulse fire at a foe closing upon their comrades with a single command flashed through the comm-system.

While a Fire Warrior Team is formidable in its own right, an interlocking cadre of teams is even stronger than the sum of its parts. Such inter-unit dynamics have foiled many foes. During the Tau victories over the Orks during the Great War of Confederation, time and again the waves of greenskins almost closed with the Tau gunlines, only to find their final charge defeated by the literal wall of pulse fire that the combined teams discharged.

It is a lesson that resounds through the Fire caste academies - 'only by supporting our comrades can we defeat the superior numbers of our foes '. Fire Warrior Shas'ui is Infantry Character. Combat armour pg 70 , pulse rifle pg 66 , photon grenades. Supporting Fire pg A Pathfinder's foremost role is not to engage the enemy, but instead to maximise the efficiency of the rest of their cadre. They operate ahead of their comrades, close to their foe, to accurately scout the enemy.

In such a position, a Pathfinder's life is always under threat. For this reason and more, Pathfinders are held in high regard by every caste. They are not protected by a battlesuit or stealth field generators, yet they are far from helpless. Pathfinders also bear markerlights to guide the firepower of the rest of the cadre against optimal targets. Holding a markerlight on a distant enemy while your own position is being overrun is a selfless act, but Pathfinders epitomise the Greater Good, and by their actions, many battles are won.

By infiltrating the battlefield, they can also activate homing beacons or positional relays - bringing reinforcements to the fray with greater precision. Some teams also carry a few rail rifles - especially useful against power armoured infantry. An even more recent addition to the Pathfinder's arsenal is the ion rifle. Able to fire in two distinct modes, the ion rifle can vaporise light vehicles, but is unstable when J overcharged.

Many Pathfinder shas'uis employ drones, and in the Third Sphere Expansion, new variants specially designed to assist Pathfinder Teams have been developed. Trading lives for ground is anathema to the Tau, and the Fire caste is trained to retreat and fight another day.

While every sept has tales of crafty Pathfinders escaping against impossible odds, even the best-laid extraction plans can fall through. All Tau warriors are willing to lay down their lives for the Greater Good, but Pathfinders find self-sacrifice called for more often than all other cadre teams combined: Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the Fire caste academies are inundated by volunteers wishing to be Pathfinders, eager to do their utmost for the Greater Good.

Pathfinder Shas'ui is Infantry Character. Recon armour pg 70 , pulse carbine pg 66 , photon grenades, markerlight pg Scouts, Supporting Fire pg Jet Pack lnfantry Drone.

Pulse Accelerator Drone: Reron Drone: Turre t Mounting Recon Drone only. When a Recon Drone embarks on a Devilfish, it is treated exactly like an embarked passenger, but does not count towards Tran port Capacity.

When the Recon Drone is so embarked, the vehicle counts as having a homing beacon and positional relay. It can transport up to twelve fully armed and armoured Fire Warriors or Pathfinders into battle in relative safety and then provide mobile fire support once they disembark.

The highly mechanised Hunter Cadres rely on Devilfish to ensure that their Fire Warriors can travel and deploy quickly to wherever their gunlines are most required.

Powered by a complex dual anti-grav and jet-propulsion motive system, the Devilfish seems to glide over a planet's surface. The anti-grav engines generate a 'cushion' for the Devilfish to float upon, and its armoured bulk is driven forwards by two powerful, multi-directional jet engines.

Related titles. Warhammer 40k 'Leaked' 6th Ed. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Counter Strike Stubborn Options: Special ammunition3pts each May exchange Burst Cannon for one weapon listed under battlesuit standard weapons list May select a Devilfish Transport Special Rules: May include up to three additional Drones Magalie Nadon Roger.

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