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MHT CET Question Paper PDF. Download the MHT CET Exam Papers with Solutions Pdf Free. Check Previous Year Questions with Answers. SAMPLE QUESTIONS (CET MAHARASHTRA). 1. Ajit can complete a piece of work in 60 days whereas Kailash and Shailendra working together can complete . Download previous year MHT CET question papers and sample Important Maths Formulae for Success in Engineering Entrance dutytowarn.info

Mh Cet Sample Question Papers Pdf

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MHT CET Sample Papers The sample papers of MHT CET are previous year's question papers of the entrance exam that can be used by candidates. MH CET Question Paper: Solve the previous year MH CET papers to enhance your level of preparation for the exam. MH CET question papers will help students know the type of questions asked in exam and prepare NextMHT CET Question Paper with Answers».

Exhaustive coverage of MCQs from all chapters. Printed at India Printing Works, Mumbai No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, C. While preparing the book, utmost care has been taken to include a broad range of objective questions so that no concept is left unattended and also to make it absolutely error-free. Each question has been specifically selected to prepare the students on a competitive level. Hints have been provided for selected multiple choice questions to help the students overcome conceptual or mathematical hindrances. Each question set will help the students to test their range of preparation and knowledge of each topic. The book will act as a guide for students at the time of revision and will provide proper and thorough practice giving the students an edge above the rest.

The OMR Sheets will also be released after the answer keys. Candidates having any complaints regarding the answer keys must register their complaints before the prescribed deadline. Thank you.

MHT CET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test)

Your Number has been registered with us. Check out our Avanti Gurukul App to get an edge in your exam preparation. Get Download Link on your Phone. Choice and sequence for attempting questions will be as per the convenience of the candidate.

MH CET Question Papers & Previous Question Papers with Answers Download

Candidate should carefully read the instructions printed on the Question Booklet and Answer Sheet and make the correct entries on the Answer Sheet.

The correctness of entries has to be cross-checked by the invigilators. The candidate must sign on the Answer Sheet and Question Booklet. Read each question carefully.

MHT CET Exam Papers | MHT CET Previous Paper Free Download @ dtemaharashtra.gov.in

Determine the correct answer from out of the four available options given for each question. Fill the appropriate circle completely like this , for answering the particular question, with Black ink ball point pen only, in the OMR Answer Sheet.

Each answer with correct response shall be awarded one 1 mark. There is no Negative Marking. If the examinee has marked two or more answers or has done scratching and overwriting in the Answer Sheet in response to any question, or has marked the circles inappropriately e.

Answer sheet of each candidate will be evaluated by computerized scanning method only Optical Mark Reader and there will not be any manual checking during evaluation or verification. Rough work should be done only on the blank space provided in the Question Booklet.

Rough work should not be done on the Answer Sheet.


The required mathematical tables Log etc. Immediately after the prescribed examination time is over, the Question Booklet and Answer sheet are to be returned to the Invigilator. Confirm that both the Candidate and Invigilator have signed on question booklet and answer sheet. This avoids the unnecessary duplication of attending College and Classes separately and thus results in huge saving of time.

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What if students have doubts after the lecture?

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