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Aug 13, I am using veritas STOP method for RC and it's quite helpful: The information MBA Guide [PDF] .. There will be no purposeful tone in these passages. . as strategies mentioned above were learnt by him from VeritasPrep. To obtain this book Reading Comprehension (Veritas Prep GMAT Series) By Veritas Prep, you may not be so confused. This is online book Reading. classes visit dutytowarn.info • For other great . Five Ways to Find the Primary Purpose in Reading Comprehension. 3.

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Aug 19, Anyone who has ever applied to business school knows that there are several requirements to fulfill. One of those requirements is to submit a. Apr 14, Brian Galvin Chris Kane Reading Comprehension. Reading Comprehension (Veritas Prep GMAT Series) [Veritas Prep] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Very few test takers formulate a.

Anyone who has ever applied to business school knows that there are several requirements to fulfill. One of those requirements is to submit a GMAT score. Naturally, you want to do your best on the GMAT to increase your chances of getting into a preferred business school, but where should you begin? Consider some tips on how to start preparing for GMAT questions:. Increasing the amount of reading you do can help you prep for Reading Comprehension questions on the exam.

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Attend this webinar to learn how to build trackable milestones that leverage your strengths to help you get to your target GMAT score. Get personalized insights on how to achieve your Target Quant Score. Ends April 21st Code: The information that you need to get from your initial reading can be summarized by the acronym STOP: From your initial reading you should understand the boundaries of the passage, and specifically how those boundaries relate to the primary purpose.

From your initial reading you should understand whether there is tone in the passage.

This relates specifically to the type of passage, of which there are three on the GMAT: There will be no purposeful tone in these passages. There is no overt tone, but the passage is not completely objective and will contain some suggestive tone.

There will be clear and overt tone in these passages. From your initial reading, you should understand broadly the topic of each paragraph and recognize any important transitions in the passage. From your initial reading, you should understand the primary purpose of the passage. Primary purpose relates directly to both scope and tone. GMAT 1: I think, he isn't visiting Gmatclub anymore or that much.

I did my prep from Veritas as well and you don't need any specific RC to practice this strategy. You can pick up any RC you want but keep a few things in mind.

Brian Galvin, Chris Kane Reading Comprehension (Veritas Prep GMAT Series)

I took a class with Veritas Prep in February. Reading Comprehension was a huge weakness for me. I didn't understand how to read the passages and how to go about answering each question type. The Veritas Reading Comp book is phenomenal. The book goes through and teaches you to read each passage. The veritas reading comp strategy teaches you how to read the passage so you don't have to go back to the passage to answer these questions.

This is great because it saves you time. By being able to answer the primary purpose questions after reading the passage only one time puts you in a great position to nail the RC section.

The book also does a great job breaking down each question type. It gives you a systematic approach for how to attack each question type. This is valuable because it allows you consistently get the questions correct that you know how to answer.

Also, many test takers have issues with stamina, particularly with the verbal section. By having a systematic approach for the reading comprehension section, this helps protect the test taker against fatigue because no matter how mentally drained you are, you will always go through your process for answering each question type.

I think the book is the best in the industry. It doesn't have you waste time by writing out a sketch or taking notes.

Reading Comprehension

The subject matter becomes abstract ex - different approaches to studying double helix DNA and unclear if you don't have a strategy to guide you while you're reading. This book is very clear and its principles will save you tons of valuable time on the GMAT's Verbal section - don't let yourself fall behind on time like so many do.

It teaches a good overall strategy and provides useful insider tips. Specifically, the STOP strategy works well to deconstruct the passages quickly and efficiently. Using the strategy, I have a framework in place as I am reading, allowing me to isolate the main messages and critical facts of the paragraphs. When you reach the questions, you almost know what they are going to ask, and the insider tips helps to avoid the incorrect choices and pick the right answer.

Great tool and approach to tackling the test. Another positive is that even after the test, this made me a better reader. It helps you understand how a good passage should be written - helping you read efficiently going forward. One person found this helpful. Not surprisingly, I was particularly interested in the various books for the Verbal section of the test.

This Reading Comp book really helped me develop a strategy for efficiently tackling RC problems without getting bogged down in lots of re-reading. Ultimately, I was able to significantly boost my verbal score in part because I used this RC book from Veritas. Be careful — do not make up your own story about the conclusion! For example, if two details in a passage are:. But those two races are never compared directly to each other. Importantly, Reading Comprehension questions love to bait unwitting test-takers with comparisons as answer choices, knowing that your mind is primed to create your own story and draw comparisons that are probably true, but just not proven.

So learn a valuable lesson from Ryan Lochte and avoid making up your own story, sticking only to the clean facts of the matter. In order to get into business school, applicants have to fulfill a number of requirements.

Naturally, you want to do everything possible to achieve your best score on every section of the test. This seems like a long time, but the minutes can disappear quickly if you spend too much time on one question.

Perhaps you missed some questions while rushing to finish on time. A timed practice test can help you to get into the habit of answering each question within a certain number of minutes. Once you establish a test-taking rhythm for the verbal section, you can focus on each question instead of worrying about the clock. We provide you with a performance analysis and score report that can help you determine which skills need the most improvement.

Think Like a Professional in the Business World It can be helpful to examine your approach to the questions in the Verbal section. Successful business people know how to evaluate a problem as well as possible options to find the most effective solution. Having the mindset of a business professional can help you successfully answer each question in the Verbal section.

Our online and in-person prep courses teach students a new way to approach questions so they can improve GMAT Verbal scores. Read the Passages for the Reading Comprehension Questions Some test-takers look at the Reading Comprehension questions in the Verbal section and decide to save time by skimming through the passages.

Furthermore, many Reading Comprehension questions relate to the main idea, tone, and structure of a passage. Students who work with a Veritas Prep tutor learn what to look for and what to disregard when reading passages in this section.

Looking for logic is the key to arriving at the correct answers to these questions. At first glance, many of the answer options can seem like the correct choice. Some of the answer choices may even contain words that are in the passage.

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Look for an answer option that follows the same line of logic as the passage itself. It is also helpful to rule out answer options that definitely do not follow along with the argument in the passage. Careful evaluation of each answer option can help to improve GMAT verbal scores.

Dedicate More Time to Outside Reading Spending some of your free time reading financial magazines and newspapers can help you boost your score on the Verbal section. Also, it helps you get into the habit of becoming an active reader and drawing conclusions as you go. In addition, reading financial publications adds to your overall knowledge of the business world. Because we hire instructors who scored in the 99th percentile on the test.

Students learn how to raise their scores from tutors who have hands-on experience with this challenging exam. Plan on taking the GMAT soon? One of the best ways to attack the Reading Section on the ACT is to look for reasons to eliminate answer choices. In other words, rather than try to find evidence for each answer choice to determine whether or not it is correct, you can identify reasons as to why you can eliminate answer choices because they are incorrect.

Quickly read the following excerpt:. Russian author Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, perhaps better known as Leo Tolstoy, is largely considered the most prolific Russian novelist in history. Most famous for his two long novels War and Peace, which he penned in , and Anna Karenina, which he wrote in , Tolstoy was a master of realistic fiction.

While not the beginning of his literary career, his rise to prominence began when he accounted his experiences in the Crimean War with Sevastopol Sketches, his first acclaimed work. Soon after, between and , he published a self-autobiographical trilogy, Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth, recounting through fictional characters his own childhood with a sentimentality he later rebuffed as poor writing. Toward the end of his life, Tolstoy became more of a moral thinker and social reformer, transitioning from poplar novelist to evangelical essayist.

Is it critical?

Is it neutral? Is it persuasive? In short, you should have a general sense of whether or not the author has a positive, negative, or neutral stance towards their subject, and you should also have a sense of the degree — i.

C Written by Leo Tolstoy after he wrote his self-autobiographical trilogy. Without rereading the passage, I can immediately eliminate one of the answer choices. This uniqueness transforms the minus of a handicap into the plus of compensation. That such radical adaptions could occur demanded, Luria thought, a new view of the brain, a sense of it not as programmed and static, but rather as dynamic and active, a supremely efficient adaptive system geared for evolution and change, ceaselessly adapting to the needs of the organism — its need, above all, to construct a coherent self and world, whatever defects or disorders of brain functions befell it.

That the brain is minutely differentiated is clear: The miracle is how they all cooperate, are integrated together, in the creation of a self. A how he has come to think differently about the brain. B why sickness often causes a contraction of life. C when he had made new discoveries about the brain. With just a quick look at this question, I can immediately eliminate answer choice B. C neural or sensory mishap occurs in children as well as adults.

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