22 Best Pregnancy Apps for Every Part of Your Pregnancy Journey

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One of the top rated pregnancy trackers, Pregnancy+ includes a 3D animation of your baby in the womb (with sound effects). In addition to baby tracking, the app provides daily nutrition and labor information and provides a place to track changes in weight and other medical notes from OB appointments. It also features a contraction timer and a tracker that records your baby’s movements.

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pregnancy and due date tracker

One of the more interactive pregnancy tracking apps, this app allows you to create a pregnancy diary to track everything from weight to waist circumference, blood pressure and symptoms and share it with your doctor. It also features a handy semester checklist, which I personally found very helpful in keeping track of all my OB appointments.

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The Bump

The Bump app from the makers of The Knot helps you plan everything related to pregnancy. Get weekly updates on your baby’s development and an interactive 3D model of her that shows you what’s happening in your body. Bump also features an in-app baby registry and a checklist to take to each doctor’s appointment.

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Ovia Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

This app from Ovia Health offers standard pregnancy tracking fare, but note that week-by-week baby size comparisons can be set to fun themes such as Parisian pastries. It also comes with a library of over 2,000 pregnancy-related articles. The Ovia app includes a customizable health tracker as well as tools to easily search for food safety and medication questions.

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The app stands out with its stunning interactive 3D graphics of a developing baby. Visualize what your little sprout is doing inside the womb. It also has handy tools like a labor timer, kick counter, birth plan generator and pregnancy diary that you can download and turn into a book after your baby is born.

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professional daddy

ProDaddy is a pregnancy app for partners. To help the father-to-be understand your journey and prepare for fatherhood, this app includes her weekly 3-minute readings on various topics on fatherhood, as well as the ones you want to dig deeper into. Provides a library for fathers. With its own app, partners get unique weekly updates on baby development and size, as well as tons of content that emphasizes equal parenting.

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WebMD Pregnancy

All content in WebMD’s Pregnancy App is doctor-approved, so you can be sure you’re getting quality information. A series of useful tools, including a checklist covering what you need to buy, a thoughtful list of questions to ask each doctor visit, a weekly bump photo album, and customized content for those with twins. is equipped with

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