57 Pregnancy Announcement Captions That Go Beyond “We’re Expecting!”

After tears of joy and happy dancing when you find out you’re expecting a baby, you may go into overdrive planning.In every way you can celebrate this new addition to your life. , why not? There’s a way to tell your loved ones your secrets, plan an adorable gender reveal party, or buy a Pinterest-worthy nursery. So when you’re ready to tell the world (i.e. Instagram), you need to choose the perfect pregnancy announcement caption to reveal your bundle of joy.

For some people, witty captions are best. If that sounds like you, say the cheeky “We took Netflix and chilled a little too seriously.” Express yourself with the saying, “The best things in life are worth the wait.”

From clever snippets to cute rhymes, the pregnancy announcement captions below can be attached to any sonogram photo or maternity photo shoot you’ve saved to your camera roll.

  1. We’ve been keeping secrets…it starts with a ‘b’ and ends with an ‘aby’.
  2. Currently creating my little best friend 🤰
  3. I like big bumps and can’t lie.
  4. My sudden craving for chocolate-dipped pickles (or whatever funny combination you’re craving) now makes sense.
  5. We are advertising ourselves from dog parents to human parents.
  6. Whoa baby!
  7. mini me comes in [insert month]!
  8. We’re having a baby, so pop some (non-alcoholic) champagne!
  9. Our family is 2 feet (baby) grown 👣
  10. We are looking forward to the new tax cuts next year!
  11. Our future is full of sleepless nights and baby cuddles…
  12. We’ll never be totally ready, they say…but here we go: baby is coming [insert month and year]!
  13. We may have taken Netflix a little too seriously 😜
  14. I now have a new title: Mom.
  15. I’m swapping my purse for a diaper bag.
  16. “If you’re a mom, you’re a superhero.” —Rosie Pope…Now it’s time to add a superhero to my resume 💥
  17. It’s time to spill the beans – we’re doing a baby brew.
  18. Every superhero needs a sidekick!
  19. I’m not a baker, but I bake bread in the oven.
  20. When I thought I couldn’t love people any more, I realized that I had grown 💘
  21. Then there were 3!
  22. we did something
  23. Our recipe for happiness needed one more ingredient… *Chef’s Kiss*
  24. Bread in the oven.Bake at 98.6°F until [insert due date].
  25. Roses are red, violets are blue, and we are raising a family of two.
  26. The best things in life are worth the wait 💖
  27. “You are the closest thing I have to magic.” — Suzanne Finamore
  28. new roommate moving in [insert due date].
  29. Baby has joined the chat.
  30. where baby is
  31. We are poised for our wildest ride ever.
  32. Have you heard the buzz?our little honey is here [insert due date].
  33. Board the latest adventure now! Destination: Sleepless nights.
  34. Mother level release.
  35. I think you’ll need a bigger boat 👶👀
  36. I’m busy putting my feet up and lowering the food… baby [insert name] arrival [insert due date]!
  37. Oops! I did it again.
  38. super tired, super hungry, super pregnant.
  39. Here comes the little cutie!
  40. The next chapter of our love story will feature new characters. 👶
  41. Grab your party hat – we’re pregnant!
  42. Baby more than food.
  43. Grow here again!
  44. Mischief managed.
  45. Microbrew.
  46. You’re kicking me, Smalls.
  47. So… this happened.
  48. Adding one more thing I adore 🧸
  49. “We are the three best friends anyone can have.” — the hangover
  50. And the survey was ah ah ah ah ah…pregnant!
  51. You, me, and finally, three!
  52. Put on your stockings! I have big news.
  53. We exchange quiet nights to bring more joy into our world.
  54. I now have the happiest reason ever to feel like complete crap.
  55. Bump made me eat it! #pregnant and hungry
  56. “You never know how much your parents loved you until you had a child they loved.” — Jennifer Hudson…Well, we’ll find out!
  57. we’re gonna poppin the bottle [insert year]🍼

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