6 Best Slippers for Pregnancy, According to a Podiatrist 2023

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Back pain, frequent urination, bloating, and many other changes occur in your body during pregnancy. But that’s not all. Perhaps the most surprising difference between pregnant and non-pregnant life is the change in your legs. “It’s not uncommon to have flattened, swollen, show-sized, or ingrown toenails during pregnancy,” says Mohammed Limawi, a New York-based podiatrist. DPM says.

The type of shoes you wear inside and outside your home can help you adapt to these changes. The easiest (and most comfortable) place to start is pregnancy slippers (but if you’re also looking for the best shoes during pregnancy, we’ve also rounded up some great products vetted by experts. , sneakers and outdoor flats).

The best slippers for pregnancy at a glance:

“Slippers can certainly help because they help mitigate some of the changes that come with pregnancy,” says Dr. Rimawi. There are a few things I want him to consider before going for a walk. As the arch collapses, “it can lead to imbalance and a change in the distribution of pressure along the foot, leading to pain and injury,” he says. Also, your feet tend to swell during pregnancy, so be careful of swelling and choose shoes that are the right size or wide.

best slippers for pregnancy

You should feel comfortable following your footsteps, no matter how far you are. So we asked a podiatrist for their opinion and they recommended the best slippers for pregnancy. please.

Overall best

Photo of gray Birkenstock slippers

Birkenstock, Zermatt Shearling Slippers — $100.00

Available sizes: 4-12.5, half size and two different widths

Birkenstock may be best known for its arch-supporting sandals, but we’ll let you know that the brand also makes great slippers. The reason why these slippers are great for pregnancy is because they are wide, which is useful when you have swelling. Recommended by Dr. Rimawi, Zermatt his slippers feature an ergonomic footbed that supports your arch and a cloud-like shearling that keeps your toes warm when the temperature drops. It’s like walking on clouds.

colour: 6

  • ergonomic footbed
  • Shearling lining
  • Available in a wide range of widths

Great for swelling

Photo of pink bionic slippers

Vionic, Relax Slippers — $70.00

Available sizes: 5-12

Give your feet a rest in the Relax Slippers from Vionic. Dr. Rimawi approves of these kicks. “It comes with an orthotic footbed, adjustable straps for different sizes, and is odor resistant.” A terry cloth footbed provides ultimate comfort and softness.

colour: 7

  • terry cloth footbed
  • adjustable strap
  • absorb shock
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

great for outdoors

dansko black slippers photos

Lucy Wool Slippers, Denmark — $79.00

Available sizes: 5-12, half size

If you like outdoor slippers, Dansko’s Lucy Wool Slippers are recommended. The thick vinyl his sole makes this pair perfect for trekking. Also great? For days when the arch is low, the slipper features “Scotchgard his protection that minimizes dirt, a comfortable sole, and built-in arch his technology,” explains Dr. Rimawi.

colour: 7

  • Uses a thick sole that can be used outdoors
  • Dirt-resistant
  • lightweight

most breathable

Mauve purple oofos slipper photo

Oofos, Ooahh Slide Sandals — $60.00

Available sizes: 5-16

The Oofos Slide Sandal will make your feet say “ooh oh”. That’s because the foam footbed absorbs impact (the brand claims it’s 37% more shock absorbent than traditional footwear), supports your arches, and helps prevent tower collapse. am. Due to the foam’s closed-cell design, the shoes repel water and sweat instantly (no more odor). Plus, the open toe design allows you to feel the most wind between your toes. As Dr. Rimawi says, “They are made to relax.”

colour: 8

  • absorb shock
  • Easy to clean
  • deodorant
  • breathability
  • May be difficult for some people to wear
  • Straps may be too tight for people with bunions

best eco friendly

Pictures of Green Kyrgyz Mold Slippers

Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz Molded Sole — $99.00

Available sizes: 5 to 14, half size

As an eco-friendly step, Kyrgyzstan is handcrafted by local artisans in Kyrgyzstan. Beyond the comfort they provide, fibers and fabrics are sustainably woven into each shoe. Each pair offers arch support and slip-resistant grip thanks to a vegetable-tanned leather sole. Plus, “adding a layer of cushioning makes it super comfortable,” says Dr. Rimawi. This pair is giving you and the environment a fifth.

colour: Four

  • with arch support
  • sustainable
  • comfortable

most adjustable

photo of black bionic slippers

Bionic, Dream Slippers — $40.00

Originally $70, now $40

With all the changes that occur during pregnancy necessitate an adjustable pair, the Vionic Dream Slipper is Dr. Rimawi’s recommendation. Featuring adjustable straps and a washable terry cloth that surrounds the shoe, these slippers are stylish and comfortable. The EVA midsole absorbs impact and the terry material reduces odor so you can walk without funky odors and pain.

Available sizes: 5 to 10 pieces in half size

colour: 3

  • deodorant
  • absorb shock
  • adjustable
  • Arch area may be too high for some

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