90 Day Fiancé’s Emily Says She Misses Being Pregnant

90 Day Fiancé star Emily Beaverly has a son and daughter with husband Kobe Blaze.

90 day fiancee Star Emily Beverley recently took to her Instagram account to reveal to fans that she misses being pregnant. 90 day fiancee In Season 9, her husband Kobe Blaze moved from Cameroon to her home state of Kansas, where she married and helped raise her son, Covan. Emily met Kobe while traveling in China, and she became pregnant with Coban before returning to the United States. Emily and Kobe faced some disagreements over 90 Days, but got married at the end of the season and later welcomed her daughter, Scarlett.

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90 days fiancéthat is’s Emily Beverly is known to be very active on her Instagram account, which she recently used to share how she really misses being pregnant. We shared a stunning pregnancy photo taken in a yellow dress before Scarlett was born. She is holding a coin and smiling.

Emily captioned the post, “One day: I miss my pregnancy.” Emily went on to explain some of the specific things she missed about her pregnancy, like feeling kicks, seeing her body change, dressing up with baby bumps, and just having a baby in her belly. I got

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90 Day Fiancé Emily says being a mother is ‘the most rewarding job’

Emily Beverly and Kobe Blaze, kids Scarlett and Cobain star in 90-day fiancée

Emily stressed that while pregnancy isn’t always easy, it’s always worth it in the end. “Being a mother during pregnancy presents many challenges, but in the end it is the most rewarding job.” Emily also asked her followers and fans to share stories about their pregnancy journey with her, and asked if other mothers missed pregnancies too. 90 day fiancee Cast member Ghibli Bell also commented on the post, writing: “very cute!”

Emily received a lot of criticism during her time 90 day fiancee Season 9, however, since then she has built a better reputation. Emily was restricting how Kobe was allowed to interact with Coban, which wasn’t really fair. Pillow talk With Kobe, viewers saw a different side of Emily and the true relationship between her and Kobe became clearer.

Emily has strongly hinted that she wants more children in the near future, and has previously told fans that she wants more children with Kobe. will be very high. 90 day fiancee with stories about their growing family. Emily also admits she’ll definitely do another season if asked, so fans will likely see more of Emily and Kobe in the future.In the meantime, Emily missed her pregnancy, so she’ll be back sooner than expected. may decide to have a third baby.

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