90 Day Fiancé’s Julia & Brandon Spark Pregnancy Rumors With New Video

Some 90 Day Fiancé viewers think Julia Trubkina is pregnant with Brandon Gibbs’ baby after spotting the baby bump in the couple’s new Instagram video.

Rumors are swirling after seeing Julia Trubkina in Brandon Gibbs’ new video. 90 day fiancee The star is pregnant. Fans may remember Brandon and Julia’s appearance. 90 day fiancee Season 8. Although the couple seemed very much in love with each other, their storyline portrayed Brandon’s parents, Ron and Betty Gibbs, as villains. After watching Julia’s explosive argument with Betty and Ron, it seemed unlikely that the couple would get married, but Brandon and his Russian partner announced his global COVID-19 outbreak in April 2020. 19 surprised fans by tying the knot amidst the peak of the pandemic.

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90 day fiancee‘s Julia Trubkina started contemplating getting pregnant a year after her wedding. Brandon recently posted a video of his wife standing with a glass of lemonade.

but, 90 day fiancee The alum didn’t say anything about Julia being pregnant, but fans seemed thrilled to say they spotted a possible baby bump in the video. rice field. “Is she pregnant?” When “You can see a little baby bump.”

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90 Day Fiancé fans react to Julia and Brandon’s videoJulia Trabkina in her pajamas with her 90 Day Fiancé Brandon Gibbs

Ah 90 day fiancee fan comments, “Is Julia pregnant? She looks beautiful.” Another user said that if Julia is really pregnant, she can’t hide her baby bump for long. “This is the second photo from last month showing 1000% of her baby bump.” As the comments indicate, there are many assumptions that the couple decided to raise a family, but some fans don’t think it’s right to make assumptions about the couple’s pregnancy just by looking at Julia’s stomach. One fan said, “Can we stop commenting on her belly?don’t comment on women’s bodies.”

Julia has a very toned body and used to work as a bodybuilder, so it’s understandable why this pregnancy rumor started after noticing slight differences in her body. 90 day fiancee The star had been eager to grow her family with her husband from August 2021, but Brandon wasn’t quite ready to fulfill her desire at the time. Nearly three years later, he’s likely feeling ready to be a father. However, the couple has yet to comment on the pregnancy rumors.

Brandon’s video suggests that Julia may have a baby bump, but we shouldn’t assume they’re having a baby. It could put pressure on her or make Julia feel insecure about her body. 90 day fianceeit should be fair for viewers who love to follow life’s journeys on social media to finally ask if they’re ready to have a baby. 90 day fiancee It will be interesting to see how Betty reacted to the good news.

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