Accident in Calabar today: Drunk Driver kill pregnant woman, 13 odas for Calabar Bikers carnival

An accident at a biker carnival in Calabar, Cross Rivers state in southwestern Nigeria left 14 people dead and 24 in hospital.

State Police spokesperson Irene Ugbo confirmed the matter to BBC Pidgin.

“I don’t know what happened, but the driver lost control while driving at high speed and hit a crowd watching the Bikers Carnival,” a witness said.

“A drunken man drove into an area where people were gathering to participate in a biker parade that was supposed to take place today,” police said.

“The perpetrators are in police custody after the attack,” Ugbo added.

Bikers parade canceled

Cross River Governor Professor Ben Ayade said the biker parade has been cancelled.

In response to Prime Minister Spokesperson Christian Ita’s statement, the government announced an “immediate investigation to figure out how motorists were able to get through security barricades and access routes not open to the public.”

SP Ugbo said what they are currently doing is trying to get things back under control.

Photos and videos showing what happened to some of the victims are already circulating on the internet.

A video shows how the accident mutilated bodies – some bodies are also spread on the ground.

Calabar Bikers Carnival

The Biker Carnival is one of the follow-up events to the Southern States’ annual Calabar Carnival and is one of the most popular events in December.

The Calabar Carnival was started by former governor Donal Duke in 2004, and current governor Ben Ayade introduced a biker’s carnival to increase participation.

Obbonzi bikers from all over the country, including former governors of the state, ride motorcycles and perform stunts on prepared roads.

During carnival, organizers usually divert traffic away from the road.

State Governor Ben Ayade issued a statement canceling the biker event because of the incident.

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