Actress Shamna Kasim announces pregnancy, says she’s excited to be a mom | Entertainment News

Actress Shyamna Kassim, who recently married businessman Shanid in October, shared the happy news on her YouTube channel.The couple is expecting a baby, according to the actress. A major announcement about the new additions to the family comes just one day before the end of 2022, making it extra special for the couple.

Making the announcement in front of her parents, Shyamna said she is excited about this new stage in her life and wants everyone to hear the news from her through her YouTube channel.

Her husband Shaneed, CEO of JBS Group of Companies in Dubai, is not in the video.

After the announcement, Shyamuna’s family cut a cake to celebrate the good news.

Shamna from Kannur met Shanid in a conversation about the golden visa process. “I was repeatedly invited by the UAE government to obtain a golden visa, but due to a tight filming schedule, I was unable to come pick it up. That was the first time during the event.When we met and talked,we took a liking to each other.Our family also talked.In the end, everything went well. Every time my parents proposed, I would set various conditions, but it wasn’t a good fit for Shanid, and it was decided within a month, to him,” she previously said in an interview with Manoramaonline. said to

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