Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler accused of ‘sexual assault of minor’ in lawsuit with shock ‘teen pregnancy and abortion’ claims

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor by a woman he claims to be his ex-girlfriend in the mid-1970s.

According to the lawsuit obtained by Rolling Stone magazine, the woman alleges that she had had a sexual relationship with Tyler since she was a minor.


Steven Tyler’s alleged ex-girlfriend claims the Aerosmith singer had a sexual relationship with her when she was underageCredit: Getty
The relationship is said to have started in 1973, when plaintiff Julia Holcomb was 16 years old.


The relationship is said to have started in 1973, when plaintiff Julia Holcomb was 16 years old.Credit: Getty
Holcomb claimed that Tyler


Holcomb claimed that Tyler “coerced and persuaded” her to believe he was having a “romantic love affair.”Credit: Getty

Tyler is accused by plaintiff Julia Holcomb of sexual assault, sexual assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

According to the complaint, Tyler persuaded Holcomb’s mother to give him guardianship when he was 16 so teenage Holcomb could live with him.

During this time, Holcomb claims the two had a sexual relationship that lasted three years.

Tyler was not explicitly named in the lawsuit as he named the defendants Doe 1 and Does 2 to 50, but Holcomb has spoken publicly about his alleged relationship with Tyler in the past.

The lawsuit also quotes from Tyler’s memoir “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?” In it, he says he “nearly got a teenage bride” and “her parents fell in love with me and signed the papers for me to get it”. So that she doesn’t get arrested for taking her out of the country. I took her on tour. “

Tyler didn’t name the ‘teenage bride’ in her memoir, but Julia Halcom Nominated in acknowledgment.

In his complaint, Holcomb claimed that Tyler’s “power, prestige and substantial financial capacity” were “powerless to resist.”

She also claims that Tyler “coerced and persuaded” her that she was having a “romantic love affair.”

Holcomb claims to have met Tyler shortly after his 16th birthday when Aerosmith performed in Portland, Oregon in 1973. He was 25 at the time.

The lawsuit alleges that Tyler took Holcomb back to a hotel where she told her about her pre-teenage age before Holcomb allegedly “committed various sexual misconduct” and then took her home in a taxi the next morning. .

Tyler allegedly bought Holcomb a plane ticket to Aerosmith’s next show in Seattle.

After the Seattle show, Tyler allegedly performed more sexual acts on Holcomb. Holcomb returned to Portland in the morning.

After Tyler became Holcomb’s guardian, the lawsuit alleges he could easily travel with her without fear of criminal prosecution.

This timeline seems to match the words in Tyler’s own memoir.

“She was 16, knew how to be mean, and had no hair,” Tyler wrote in her memoir.

“My bad self was 26, she was barely old to drive a car, and she was sexy as hell, so I had a crush on her.” She was my heartfelt wish and my partner in the crime of passion.”

Tyler tells Holcombe’s mother that he can provide more support than she receives at home, and promises to enroll her in school.

However, the lawsuit alleged that he “did not meaningfully carry out these promises, and instead continued to travel together, assault, and provide alcohol and drugs to plaintiffs.”

Holcomb also claimed that the relationship got her pregnant in 1975 when she was 17, but had an abortion at Tyler’s insistence following an apartment fire.

She claimed Tyler said smoke inhalation and oxygen deprivation were harmful to the baby, but the lawsuit alleges that a medical professional told Holcomb that the fetus was not harmed in the fire.

The lawsuit alleges that Holcomb was hesitant to get an abortion, but Tyler threatened to stop supporting her if she didn’t get the procedure.

Holcomb is said to have left Tyler and returned to Portland after her abortion, where she became a devout Catholic and met her husband.

The US Sun reached out to Tyler’s rep for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of writing.

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