AGT’s Heidi Klum’s baby bombshell at 49 – all she’s said about pregnancy

Hannah Hargrave

Heidi Klum sure her hands are full four childrenbusy career and great married to her husband.

But that doesn’t mean the star doesn’t have room to add another family member to her life.

Heidi – who shares her child ex-husband, seal – She opened up about Tom’s pregnancy as her 50th birthday approached, and she recently shared a baby revelation.

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“Wanting it and actually being able to do it are always two different things,” she told The Sun during the pre-shoot finale. America’s Got Talent All-Star.

“The big 50 is just around the corner, and things get harder as you get older. But do I want that? Sometimes I think yes.

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She is well aware of the difficulties of having children later in life, adding, “When you get older and the clock ticks, it’s not as easy as it was when you were younger.”

Heidi says she wants a baby with Tom, but she knows her age

Besides being one of the most famous figures in the modeling world, Heidi is also a loving mother to four beautiful children (Leni, 18, Henry, 17, and Lou, 13) and Johann, 16. I have.

She loves being a mother and Tom has a successful stepfather role, but she admits it’s scary to watch them grow up.

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“First they take the car and drive it, which is difficult,” she told late-night TV host James Corden. am. I’m like unstoppable fear. ”

Heidi has four children with ex-husband Seal

And raising a child with Seal, who adopted Heidi’s firstborn as a baby, isn’t the easiest thing either.

“It’s not all rosy. It’s just not,” an AGT judge told Red about managing family life with her ex. Sometimes you have to, and sometimes everything is like flying on clouds, and that’s exactly what it is.”

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