Alia Bhatt shares lots of unseen pics from wedding, pregnancy, vacations. Watch | Bollywood

Alia Bhatt shared a video montage of photos of herself from 2022 that didn’t make it onto Instagram. Unseen photos of Alia trying on bridal outfits before her wedding to Ranbir Kapoor, along with a glimpse of her Haldi hairstyle, pose with actor mother Soni Razdhan at Diwali. There are also photos of her caressing her baby bump while pregnant with her daughter, Raha Kapoor, and a glimpse of the dishes she ate daily during her second trimester. Also read: Alia Bhatt is in charge and Ranbir Kapoor clicks photos to visit her new home in Mumbai to check on progress.clock

Aria shared the video on Instagram, writing, “Photos that didn’t make it onto the gram.” The video begins with a photo of Aria holding a camera, followed by some random photos from that year.

Also included are photos from a vacation in London with her sister, Shaheen Bhatt, and from the set of her Hollywood debut, Heart of Stone. and briefly joined the Kapoor family for lunch. Aria was pregnant with her daughter, Raja, when she flew to Europe to film Heart of Stone. It marks her Hollywood debut and stars Gal Gadot as her lead actor. A teaser for the movie showed Aria in the middle of some intense scenes.

This video also gives a glimpse into Aria’s pregnancy journey. A photo of a bowl of muesli was accompanied by the caption, “What she ate every day for three months in her third trimester.” There are also “for two” photos of pregnant walks and swims. She is also seen posing in front of the camera on the first day of her postpartum yoga routine.

There are pictures of you on the ferry, pictures of you eating pizza at a restaurant, pictures of you walking out with just one earring, and pictures of you celebrating your birthday.

A fan commented on the post, “We love these pics.” Another wrote, “These photos and videos are so good.” Comments such as “This is the first time I’ve stopped the reel so much” and comments from fans such as “Skin, Salho and Aisaho (skin and age should be like this)”.

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