Alia Bhatt’s post-pregnancy workout is inspiring, delivers message to fellow mamas

Bollywood power couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor began their journey to parenthood on November 6th. Ranbir chose the name of her daughter to be ‘Raha’. Now, after about a month and a half of celebrating parenthood, Aria has started her schedule of working out.

On social media, Aria shared a photo of herself hanging upside down on Saturday.

She captioned her post.

To all fellow mothers, Aria shared an important message through her post.

“For fellow moms, it’s important to listen to your postpartum body. Don’t do anything your gut tells you not to do. I smoked… walked… just to regain my stability and balance (still a long way to go),” she wrote.

Furthermore, she writes: After what my body did this year, I vowed never to torture myself again. is the least we can do 🤍”

Well this is exciting and worthy of appreciation.

She shared the photo on her Instagram page, while videos of her post-pregnancy workouts were published on several other pages.

Meanwhile, netizens, including several celebrities, have praised the actress Gangbhai Katyawadi.

Actor Sonu Sud wrote:

“Mama Alias, you are even more amazing 🙂 BIG UP! 🙌🏼,” actor Ishaan Hatter wrote.

A fan of Arya wrote: Thanks for sharing from another new baby girl mom ❤️”

“Yes you are absolutely right but I lost my baby girl after giving birth 😭Dec 22nd I am 2 weeks postpartum but just walking and breathing as suggested by my doctor 👨⚕. 🙌God bless you 🙏🌹 and your baby Raha, may all the blessings and showers from heaven shower down on your family 👪😇 ❤Love-Soma,” another fan wrote.

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