Amber Ray not letting Pregnancy  dime her shine, steps out barely dressed

Amber Ray has managed to get through a difficult three months of her life and is finally back.Yaani has nothing worse than morning sickness or an evening sickness during pregnancy. I’ve heard that it can cause horrible feelings associated with throwing up – just because you’re growing another human being inside of you.

Oh yeah….for anyone wondering where Amber Ray has been over the past few weeks.... well she was in bed … if not in bed she was on her knees with her hands on the toilet bowl trying to exhale her soul.

Amber Ray

Just to announce her online presence, mom Gavin recently released a photo of her new baby bump….and without a towel around her waist, let’s just say Amber Ray. He showed us everything – but also.... never seen? But what makes her naked so special is the growing baby bump we all can’t miss.

pregnant after 14 years

Faith McCaw, popularly known as Amber Ray, who reportedly had a son at age 19, never thought of having more children.She met Kennedy LaPood.

Anyway, I hope that unlike others who tried to have a child with Zahir or Jimal Lohosafi, her destiny with Lapud will end in a white gown and be a story together forever..

And let’s not forget….At least once, Amber met someone who accepted her for who she is.With no limits or boundaries, just be yourself and love who you really are.

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