Amy Slaton Couldn’t ‘Poop for 3 Weeks’ Due to Pregnancy With 2nd Child

TLC viewers have been keeping up with Tammy and Amy Slaton for years. 1000 lb sisters. And the sisters will be back for another season of the show. 1000 Pound Sisters In Season 4, Amy talks about her experience with her second pregnancy and the severe constipation she dealt with as a result. Here’s what she said.

How many children does Amy Slaton have?

Amy Slaton in ‘1000 Pound Sisters’ | TLC via YouTube

Amy Slaton has two children, Gage Deon Holterman and Glenn Allen Holterman. Gage is 2 years old and Glenn was just born in July 2022. 1000 Pound Sisters In Season 4, Amy is still pregnant with Glenn, documenting her journey to her second pregnancy for the cameras.

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