Apollo doctor explains signs, symptoms and treatment of gestational diabetes

New Delhi: As diabetes has become a common occurrence in its many forms, doctors are increasingly emphasizing the importance of better managing the condition or preventing diabetes itself in the first place. Type 2 is two widespread forms of the condition that are common in people, but another form is known as gestational diabetes, a condition that develops during pregnancy. Dr. Roma Sinha, professor and chief gynecologist, laparoscopic and robotic surgeon, sheds light on the signs, symptoms, and treatment options for gestational diabetes.

What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a form of condition that is first diagnosed during pregnancy and is characterized by high blood sugar that can adversely affect the health of the pregnancy and the baby.

Pregnant women have high blood sugar levels during pregnancy, even if they weren’t previously diabetic, commonly referred to as gestational diabetes. With proper management, it may improve and subside after childbirth. Here’s what her Dr. Roma Sinha from Apollo Hospital has to say about the condition, its symptoms and treatment options.

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