Apple Watch ECG app helps save pregnant woman’s life

Doctors delivered the baby safely.Source: KCAL News

A woman warned of an abnormally high heart rate credits her Apple Watch with saving her and her unborn baby’s life.

Jessie Kelly was a few weeks away from her due date and hadn’t been doing anything that would get her heart rate above 120 beats per minute. But her Apple Watch kept warning her that her heart rate was high.

She went to the hospital immediately. This is what Brian Kolsky recommends for her. Although he wasn’t Kelly’s primary care physician, he’s had patients where he was prescribed an Apple Watch to detect certain heart conditions.

“That seems accurate,” Kolsky said. “And hypotension or not, one of the first signs that people are in trouble [or] Bleeding, increased heart rate. ”

Kelly discovered at the hospital that she was in labor and was losing blood due to a pregnancy complication known as placental abruption. This serious condition occurs when the placenta partially or completely separates from the uterus before delivery. Beyond the mother’s bleeding risk, the baby’s oxygen supply may be reduced or blocked.

Kelly thanked the doctors and nurses who helped her, as well as her Apple Watch, and said everyone should take the device’s medical alerts seriously. “It’s not just texting,” she said. “Pay attention to it and listen to your body.”

The Apple Watch has saved a lot of people thanks to the electrocardiogram (ECG) app that Apple launched with the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018. , and doctors discovered a previously undiagnosed heart condition.

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