Apple Watch helps save pregnant woman’s life in Costa Mesa

A 39-year-old pregnant woman in Costa Mesa went to see a doctor after her Apple Watch warned her that something was wrong.

“I literally thought I was going to die,” Jesse Kelly said. “There were so many doctors and staff there.”

Kelly, who is at high risk of pregnancy due to her age, shares how the Apple Watch saved her life and that of a new baby girl.

“I was lying in bed feeling sick,” she said. “I wasn’t sure if it was the recurrence of morning sickness or if it was her son’s gastroenteritis.”

With just a few weeks to go until her due date, the Costa Mesa mom said she wasn’t doing any activity that would get her heart rate above 120 beats per minute. But her smartwatch kept chirping at her with a warning that her heart rate was high.

Kelly and her baby.jpg
Costa Mesa’s mother, Jessie Kelly, holds her newborn baby.


“It was the first time there was a sound and I thought it was weird,” Kelly said. “Then the second time she’s probably 10 minutes later, the third time she’s about 30 minutes later. When I heard the sound for the third time, I was like, ‘OK, something’s going on.'”

She went to the hospital immediately. This was the method Dr. Brian Kolsky would recommend to anyone. Providence St. Her Joseph cardiologist doesn’t treat Kelly, but he has patients prescribed an Apple Watch to detect certain heart conditions.

“That seems accurate,” Kolsky said. “And hypotension or not, one of the first signs that people are in trouble [or] Bleeding, increased heart rate. ”

When Kelly arrived at the hospital, she was in full labor. Her blood pressure had dropped and she was bleeding due to a pregnancy complication known as placental abruption.

But three hours later, she had a healthy baby girl named Shelby Marie. Thanks also to Watch.

Based on experience, Kelly advises everyone to pay attention to alerts.

“It’s not just texting,” she said. “Pay attention to it and listen to your body.”

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