Apple Watch saves a pregnant woman’s life during emergency: Here’s how

A Costa Mesa woman claims her Apple smartwatch saved her life during a pregnancy medical emergency.

Jess Kelly from Costa Mesa, Calif. claims her Apple Watch saved her life at 37 weeks pregnant. According to Kelly, on Dec. 17, she wasn’t feeling well. Kelly was lucky to receive high heart rate alerts on her smartwatch device. Her device informed her that her heart rate was over 120 beats per minute, but she had been inactive for over 10 minutes.

Kelly says she received two more alerts 30 minutes later. “By the third time, I thought something was going on, and we may need to look into this,” Kelly added.

After receiving three alerts from her Apple Watch, Kelly rushed to the hospital to find out she was bleeding in labor due to complications during her pregnancy. Kelly gave birth to her healthy baby girl, whom she named Shelby Marie. Sherry credits her Apple Watch for saving her own life.

In a similar episode of the Apple Watch’s life-saving features, a woman credited the device with saving her life. Her ECG app on Watch recently discovered a previously undiagnosed heart condition. Apple Insider reports that Ellain Thompson had a seizure in 2018. Her daughter encouraged her to wear her Apple Watch to monitor her health as part of her post-diagnosis treatment.

Apple introduced an electrocardiogram (ECG) app on the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018. It can detect signs of atrial fibrillation and irregular heart rhythms that can lead to blood clots in the heart.

The Apple Watch’s ECG app recently detected Thompson’s irregular heartbeat and alerted her to the same. She then consulted a cardiologist and wore her heart monitor for her week. The Monitor eventually diagnosed Thompson with a heart blockage and installed a pacemaker to help her condition.

Thompson has admitted her Apple Watch detected her heart condition. “It saved my life. If it hadn’t been for the alert, I wouldn’t have gone to the doctor. Now I wear her Apple Watch all the time,” she told The Independent.

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