Arizona Court of Appeals allows abortion through 15 weeks of pregnancy

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — It’s been a year of controversy for both abortion activists and pro-life advocates.

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled on Friday to expand access to abortions, ruling that doctors can perform abortions up to the 15th week of pregnancy.

The ruling did not repeal laws created before Arizona became a state.

The law did not allow abortions unless the mother’s life was in danger.

Friday’s ruling allows abortions up to 15 weeks.

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruling states that a doctor cannot be prosecuted for performing an abortion in the first 15 weeks of pregnancy. That’s because other Arizona laws have allowed abortions for years, he said. Non-doctors can still be prosecuted under the old law.

Brittany Fontento, CEO and president of Planned Parenthood Arizona, believes the judgment has been won.

“Today is an important day for reproductive freedom in Arizona,” she said.

She said the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision in June and suspended abortion after individual states enacted abortion laws.

“This was six months of hard wins,” said Fonteno.

Fonteno said they began performing abortions again in August.

A few weeks later, the Pima County Superior Court allowed Attorney General Mark Brunovich to lift the injunction, banning abortions almost entirely, except for saving the mother’s life.

Fonteno said PPAZ appealed, was granted an emergency stay and resumed providing abortion services.

She said they offer abortions in Tucson and Glendale.

“The Arizona Court of Appeals has given us the clarity that Planned Parenthood Arizona and the people of Arizona have been seeking for months,” she said.

Bob Pawson of Tucson Pro-life Action said he is against abortion.

He said every human life is sacred and precious, and that if Arizona were to make an exception to save a mother’s life, it would have to be strictly defined.

He said that if the mother’s life was truly in danger, doctors should do everything possible to save both mother and baby until it became clear that both would die. said that if it was impossible to save the baby’s life, the doctor should save the mother’s life.

“Over the past 50 years or so, many Americans and Arizonans have been taught to think it’s okay to kill people in the womb. Pro-life is the default decision,” Pawson said. Told.

Pawson and Fonteno said they expect to appeal the court’s ruling.

Fonteno said the battle for access to abortion is not over.

“Make no mistake. We know the work to achieve true reproductive freedom for all is not over,” she said.

Mr. Pawson said life support efforts were not over yet.

“We do ultrasounds, we offer pregnancy tests and other medical services, and we’re happy to help with housing, etc.,” he said, explaining the services they offer.


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