Arizona inducing labor of pregnant prisoners against their will

The Arizona Department of Corrections is inducing pregnant inmates to work against their will, according to three women currently incarcerated at Perryville Prison in Buckeye, Arizona.

Women said they were forced to induce labor even though they wanted to give birth naturally.

Medical records reviewed by the Republic of Arizona show that all three women were induced before their due date. The women agreed to release their medical information. Stephanie Pearson and Desiree Romero underwent induced labor in 2022 at 39 weeks pregnant. Jocelyn Heffner was induced at 37 weeks pregnant during separate incarceration in 2020 and she in 2022.

Studies show that elective procedures can safely induce labor at 39 weeks, and medical experts say it is safe to induce labor before 39 weeks for medical reasons. increase.

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