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Babylist announced that it has acquired Expectful, a leading vertical marketplace and commerce destination for all things baby, health and wellness app and media site. Babylist’s established media business provides product recommendations and expert-guided content to his over 7.5 million unique users each month. The deal expands Expectful into a leading media site for all pregnant women, providing a one-stop destination for information, resources and support focused on mental health and wellness. I can. The acquisition complements Babylist’s established media business and recent expansion into the health sector with new audiences and content.

“As the importance of mental health and wellness is increasingly recognized, consumers are demanding more support and guidance during pregnancy. “For over a decade, our mission at Babylist has been to make the parenting journey as easy and enjoyable as possible. It also helps educate and denounce the mental health issues we often face.”

The deal further cements Babylist as the destination for all major media on babies, parenthood and pregnancy. Babylist’s editorial content continues to focus on expert-tested, best-in-class product guides, unbiased editorial guidance, and informative weekly newsletters. Expectful will become the new hub of Babylist’s library of dedicated health and wellness content, providing more in-depth resources for pregnant and postpartum women trying to conceive. Over the next few months, Expectful will expand its content and network of experts to include curated content such as articles, videos, and audio on topics such as prenatal mental health, postpartum depression, and pumping at work. We are launching a new site featuring The company has expanded its range of services, including guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and expert advice on topics such as prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal recovery, with a focus on mental health support and education. increase. Expand your platform across apps, websites, email newsletters and social media channels.

“My experience of giving birth as a black woman inspired me to join Expectful. I set out to change that,” said Expectful co-founder and CEO Natalie Walton. “The acquisition of Babylist will enable Expectful to accelerate and scale, giving more viewers access to our content.”

Gordon adds: Customers have come to expect content to be seamlessly integrated into their shopping experience. We have invested in this strategy for many years. This is at the heart of profitable growth. Promising acquisitions are a way to strengthen this strategy. Expectful’s brand and mobile-first experience speaks frankly to Gen Z. We are excited to bring years of editorial and growth experience to this new brand and platform. ”

In addition to its Expectful acquisition, the company recently closed a $3 trillion U.S. market with the launch of Babylist Health, backed by a strategic acquisition of a durable medical device supplier (DME) focused on maternal health. Entered the healthcare industry. As a professional health business, Babylist Health provides growing families with easier and more transparent access to health and wellness products and services. Expectful’s health and wellness content also helps this expanding audience and business.

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