Baltimore County woman asks for help after fatal crash ends her pregnancy

BALTIMORE COUNTY — Three injured, one dead, traumatic pregnancy ending, no suspects? Seeking help.

On September 1, Jessica Crouch was waiting to turn left into the driveway on Seminary Service Road, and her life changed quickly.

Crouch was waiting for a turn when he was rear-ended by a pickup truck, believed to be a company vehicle for a landscaping company, and pushed the car into oncoming traffic. opposite direction.

A passenger in the SUV died of his injuries, and Crouch’s mother, who was in the passenger seat, is still in the hospital. Crouch was four months pregnant at the time and she also had a miscarriage.

“When I was taken in to check on the baby, I was told there was no heartbeat, and I lost the baby to pelvic and abdominal trauma from the seatbelt,” Crouch cried.

Crouch is looking for information on the driver who caused the rear-end collision. He remained at the scene and tried to help his mother, but was never questioned by Baltimore County Police and was not mentioned in the police report.

But earlier this month, Baltimore County Police asked members of the public to help locate the driver.

“There is someone who knows what happened, and the driver may not know the extent of the damage he caused, but he knows he was in an accident. And unfortunately , people have suffered serious injuries and it is imperative that someone come forward,” Crouch’s attorney, Scott Snyder, said.

WMAR-2 News has reached out to Baltimore County Police about the alleged surveillance, but has yet to hear back.

If you have information about drivers, please contact Milissa-The Snyder Law Group at 410-834-3476.

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