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Pregnancy-related mortality is over 1 in 4. texas performed between 2 and 12 months postpartum, texas All low-income Texas people should have their publicly funded insurance coverage extended for one year after giving birth. 27 states do this.why not texas?

texas And more could be done to address discrimination, which accounts for 12% of deaths. Efforts should be made to engage and listen to the calls of black women’s advocates to expand access to doulas that have been shown to improve pregnancy outcomes.

Here’s another reason these health metrics keep going in the wrong direction. Texas’ Laws that went into effect in 2021 and 2022 criminalize abortion, except in medical emergencies, but are not supported by a majority of Texans. Maternal deaths, such as those from ruptured ectopic pregnancies, were the leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths from bleeding in 2019 and are expected to rise as doctors fear providing needed medical care. . Texas’ Abortion bans also lead to more cases of severe pregnancy complications. Our research and other reports show that fear of legal repercussions has compelled physicians to delay treatment of pregnant women experiencing premature rupture of their membranes. Sepsis is a life-threatening infection that was already on the rise.

It shouldn’t be this dangerous to get pregnant texasState leaders must take bold action and adopt policies supported by evidence and a majority of Texans. They can start by extending Medicaid coverage for 12 months after pregnancy ends and passing legislation to fairly compensate everyone who wants a doula.a texas This makes the pregnancy and postpartum period safer for all residents, especially blacks and low-income Texans.

Vohra-Gupta is an assistant professor. Steve Hicks School of Social Work and University of Texas.

White is an associate professor Steve Hicks School of Social Work.

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