Benefits of having a doula during or after pregnancy

Scarlett Abshire, who has been a doula for 10 years, says that doulas are beneficial for women by having someone to advocate for you, mentor you during pregnancy, and even provide emotional support. say.

Scarlett Absher and Taylor Landry have been friends since second grade.

Landry had her first child at the age of 16.

“I’m defiantly an advocate for free childbirth, having a doula, knowing all your rights as a woman, labor and childbirth, hospitals, etc.” Taylor Landry said.

Landry had five children and Abshire was her doula during all pregnancies.

A doula can come to your house, wash the dishes, clean the house, and maybe even help you develop a closer relationship with someone during or after your pregnancy. I helped the laundry.

“For me, postpartum depression, you know, is a lack of energy, a lack of desire to do anything, and it can be emotional at times. That’s one thing about postpartum depression, it’s Still affect you for years and years.”

According to Abshire doulas, they prepare meals, do laundry, help mothers with breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and even offer massages.

Todgie Vu, who has used a doula for two pregnancies, says, “If you can have one and can afford one, I say do it because it’s good for your mental health during pregnancy.

Doulas are not doctors and do not have a medical degree, but they have patience and understanding and become part of your village during and after pregnancy.

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