‘Big Bang Theory’ Fans, Jim Parsons Gave His Two Cents on Kaley Cuoco’s Pregnancy News

As Kaley Cuoco Preparing for motherhoodshe can count on the support of her friends. Jim Parsons.

while attending the New York premiere of his new film spoiler Alert Late November, big bang theory Actor shared thoughts on former co-star expecting first child with boyfriend Tom PelfreyAs Jim said entertainment tonighthe has all the confidence that Kaley will play her next role in life.

“She’s going to be incredible,” he spilled to the outlet flight attendant actress“She was a comforting presence and it was a pleasure to work with her every day…she is such a warm person and the child is fortunate to have her as his mother.”

Nevertheless big bang theory After wrapping up after 12 seasons in May 2019, the former CBS cast members continue to follow each other. Additionally, Kaley and Jim have always been open about cheering each other on, especially when they’re going through important moments in their personal and professional lives.

‘Big Bang Theory’

In March 2021, Kaley sent a personal message thanking Jim for the effort he put into their friendship and when he learned she had been nominated for her first Golden Globe Award.

“Jim saw the video I posted, so he texted me the morning of the globe,” she said. Metro about that moment. “He said, ‘I just saw your video.’ His message was so cute. He was so excited.

The Big Bang Theory Jim Parsons Kaley Cuoco pregnancy reaction

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as for how wedding ringer star She feels about the impending motherhood and hasn’t explicitly said anything other than an official pregnancy announcement on Instagram. I have been told that it is a large part of

Back in June 2014 she said When!news how much she was “Born to be a wife [and] I was born to be a mother entertainment tonight of 2018.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what Jim’s reaction will be when it’s time for Kaley’s birth announcement!

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