‘BiP’ alums Astrid Loch, Kevin Wendt expecting baby No. 2 via IVF

Then we became four!

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ alumni Astrid Locke and Kevin Wendt are expecting their second baby, and as they celebrate Wendt’s 39th birthday, they have announced some exciting news.

“BABY DADDY Twice,” Loch, 32, wrote over a black-and-white photo of her husband holding a lit birthday cake, which she shared on her Instagram story on Tuesday.

“Happy birthday to @Kevin.c.wendt a day early because he tested positive.”

The birthday boy echoed his wife’s sentiments on Wednesday in his own Instagram post.

“Happy Birthday! Auggie is going to be your big brother this fall!” I added a caption.

Kevin Wendt holding his 39th birthday cake
While celebrating Wendt’s 39th birthday, the “Bachelor in Paradise” alum announced some exciting news.
Instagram/Astrid Loch

“Who would have thought the best birthday gift I ever got was a pee stick on a stick😂”

Wendt revealed that Loch is only four weeks old and admitted that “sharing good news early” is “not something you see often.”

But he said they wanted to be “transparent” about their IVF journey and “struggling to conceive.”

Loch is only four weeks old, but the couple wants to be “transparent” about their IVF journey.

Astrid Rock and Kevin Wendt

Loch is only four weeks old, but the couple wants to be “transparent” about their IVF journey.


“This pregnancy is going well as we continue to try and grow our little Wendt gang,” he concluded.

Loch then took to Instagram Stories to share behind-the-scenes snaps of the couple hilariously trying to “take a cute picture to announce.”

“I can’t see the line. Oggy cries and tries to eat the stick. The dog is uncooperative, but we tried,” she explained.

Astrid Rock's sonogram of her embryo
Loch’s embryo transfer date was January 19th.
Instagram/Astrid Loch

Two weeks ago, Loch posted a photo of an ultrasound showing her “little embryo cooling.”

“It’s not a pregnancy announcement[yet]but today was transplant day, so I’m holding my breath and crossing my fingers.”

Rock and Wendt, who married in October 2022 after meeting on season 5 of 2018’s “BiP,” have since announced they were pregnant with their first child in May 2021. was candid about his struggle with

Auggie was born that November.

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