Blake Lively Shared The Most Mouth-Watering Pregnancy Craving Meal

Blake Lively knows the cravings all too well, but that doesn’t make them less cravings. The actor and director, who is now pregnant with her fourth child with husband Ryan Reynolds, shows off her favorite ‘Home Edition’ of Steins Market and Deli on her Instagram. did.

“Don’t say you’re pregnant, just say you’re pregnant,” she wrote on her Instagram story Monday night, sharing a pastrami, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut sandwich with rye bread and Russian dressing. We captioned the photos that are absolutely mouth-watering.

(Order extra crispy meat and bread from “The Rachel”), simple favors The actor advised below a picture of a toasted sandwich.

The perky historically has taken her fertility cravings very seriously. Back in December 2014, gossip girl She was pregnant with her son James, now 7, and had private lessons. top boss Season 3 winner Hung Huynh helped me learn how to cook some of my favorite dishes that I especially wanted during my third trimester of pregnancy.

“There’s nothing better (or tastier) than a night out with a friend who shares your passion,” she wrote on Instagram, via Bravo. Foodie Dice Challenge! What an amazing night @chefhunghuynh. Thank you!”

When she was pregnant with her second child, Inez, who is now 6, Lively admitted she was craving something sweet. “I’m a sweet tooth, but I’m a sweet tooth. Not too sweet, no saccharin. Dark he’s like chocolate,” she says Lively. “I like salty and sweet,” she told E-News in 2016.

Lively was the first to share what to expect at the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit in September 2021.

“I just love to create. Whether it’s baking, storytelling, business or people, I really love making things,” she said shyly. Creating the most decadent pregnancy craving meal seems to fit into that category on Lively too!

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