Blueface, Chrisean Rock Married After Announcing Pregnancy? The Truth Reveled

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have made headlines in the past as the two have been violent with each other, especially in public.

The two were considered one of the most popular yet troubled couples in the hip-hop scene. You can’t model them, but they stayed in the spotlight because of the shocking twists and turns of their very public relationship.

Earlier this week, a stunning photo of Blueface and Chrisean Rock shocked social media as they prepared to tie the knot. This came after Blueface took to social media to confide in her sexual escapades after The Rock announced her pregnancy.

A clip of the couple in their wedding outfits went viral on social media like wildfire. Blueface looks smart in a white tuxedo, while Rock looks beautiful in her long wedding dress. Blueface pals were behind the seemingly rather happy couple.

However, the wedding looked like just a beautiful fantasy, a source revealed to TMZ.

The entire wedding turned out to be another Blueface music video shoot, as a snippet from the shoot showed the couple posing in front of a professional camera.

Photos of the ring were posted online, and some fans were stunned by the fact that the two could finally live in peace after their past violent brawls.

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The news came just days after the two got into a violent brawl on the street. This was nothing new to those who had followed them for quite some time.

A few days before that, Rock shocked everyone again by posting photos of her pregnancy tests, all of which came back positive.

On Twitter, Blueface had this say:

“To answer all your questions, yes I know the lock is officially done. This is strictly a business and she clearly didn’t give it before the announcement… She said my I’m pregnant with someone else’s child.”

As if disowning children was enough, he’s also been called out for rocking out in sexual encounters.

“Rock met 10 men last year until he saw a DNA test, and it wasn’t mine. infamous tweet.

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