Blueface Says He’s ‘Officially Done’ With Chrisean Rock

Blueface has officially announced that her relationship with Chrisian Rock has ended after she announced that she was pregnant with their first child.

On Friday (January 20), Blueface’s 26th birthday, The Rock subtly revealed her pregnancy. [tongue out emoji]A short time later, the “Thotiana” rapper told fans that from now on, the two would just be business partners because he doesn’t believe the child is his own.

“To answer all your questions, yes I know the lock is officially done. This is strictly business and she clearly didn’t give before the announcement,” he wrote. “She’s pregnant with someone else’s child, not mine. [prayer hands emoji]”

He continued to support the allegations in a subsequent tweet, stating: [shrug emoji]”

Chrisean Rock reposted his statement with a response disputing his accusations. “So what happens when you eat all the bad words?” she tweeted. “I’ve never been sexually active with anyone, but I can. [be] DNA test…”

She added:

In December, Chrisian Locke admitted that she and her remarried partner ended at least three pregnancies over the course of their relationship. I know for sure A podcast about her possible pregnancy again.

After the first Twitter exchange on Friday, Chrisean Rock and Blueface continued throwing jabs at each other on the platform for over an hour. As the conversation continued, Rock eventually revealed to her followers that the couple had already called it quits before announcing she was expecting.

“I promise. I won’t need a single cent from you,” she wrote. to tell you that you have passed away, this is my baby.

She continues: I haven’t done anything sexually with a man yet. I would be a fool if I didn’t know for sure.

Chrisian Locke also mentioned a possible pregnancy in her recent erratic appearance with Blueface.

At the beginning of the couple’s interview sharpening tank In a podcast uploaded to YouTube on Friday, host Sharp asked Chrisean Rock why he looked sad. “I’m not sad. I just told you. I’m emotional right now,” she replied.

on thursday no jumperIt is the platform on which the podcast is hosted.

Hours after the video was shared on social media and eventually went viral, Chrisean Rock explained the incident that led to her expulsion in a lengthy Instagram post. She said, “Blue told them to take me out of the interview if he got up after I said something. [sic] I made it clear that it doesn’t look good in blue,” the message began.

Blueface defends calling Christian Rock a ‘bitch’: ‘That’s you’

Rock went on to say that what set the whole episode off was her contradictory blueface account of the incident in which he allegedly attacked him with shards of glass during an altercation, which led him to call her out. His ex-girlfriend and former artist claims he delivered the first blow.

Blueface and Chrisian Rock’s often violent relationship drama has played out in public, on social media, and most recently on reality TV, even before they confirmed they were actually dating. Their tumultuous relationship has resulted in multiple public altercations, arrests and property damage.

The couple made headlines again earlier this week after Blue taunted his girlfriend in a new Twitter rant that was heard calling his son’s mother the ideal woman.

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