Board to take decision on 25-week pregnant woman

The Bombay High Court has asked civil surgeons at Satara Civil Hospital to form a medical commission to confirm the feasibility of abortion (MTP) of a 35-year-old woman at 25 weeks’ gestation due to fetal anomalies. instructed.

The woman’s petition said that if she were forced into a full pregnancy, the child “must have a poor quality of life with a significant handicap”.

On December 28, MS Karnik and MM Sathaye’s vacation bench called for the formation of a committee in accordance with the provisions of the MTP law requiring court approval for abortions beyond 24 weeks. The court said the board must include “well-qualified and competent fetal specialists” as members.

HC had heard the petition filed by the woman through her advocate Ashley Kasher. According to the petition, “[fetal]flat nasal bridge and protruding mandible – facial hypoplasia – mild Binder’s syndrome”. Binder’s syndrome is a rare congenital disorder that affects the face. . Also known as rhinomaxillary hypoplasia or maxillofacial dysplasia, this condition causes the center of the face to grow poorly and can affect the nasal and maxillary elements.

The bench asked the woman to remain in the hospital for testing on December 31, and the board was asked to submit a report to the next public hearing on January 2, 2023 after her testing. rice field.

“Today’s MTP laws expose petitioners to physical suffering, risk of excessive bleeding during delivery, and damage to their mental health due to the severe trauma of giving birth to an infant who would otherwise be destitute. quality of life with serious handicaps…” read the petition.

Forcing a petitioner to have an unwanted pregnancy violates the “right to dignity and sexual and reproductive freedom” guaranteed in Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

Her plea further states that it is impossible for a pregnant woman to give informed consent if she does not have sufficient time to access information about the condition and malformations of the fetus during pregnancy. calls for the MTP law to be reinterpreted to give women sufficient time to consider the consequences of fetal anomalies, which are only available after 20 weeks,” the petition reads. please

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