Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Welcome New Baby

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images

Congrats to Luna and Miles on becoming big brothers and sisters again. Oh, and congratulations to their parents too. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen reportedly welcomed a new baby on Friday, Jan. 13. Their latest addition comes just over two years after Teigen suffered a miscarriage of baby Jack.

Legend reportedly announced the baby’s arrival at a private concert on Friday. people, told the audience that Teigen gave birth to “a little baby this morning.” Legend called it a “blessed day” and told the audience that he “didn’t get much sleep” but that he was “lifted up”. A representative for Legend confirmed the news of the cut but did not elaborate.

Teigen announced her latest pregnancy last August, telling fans on Instagram that she was “hopeful and feeling amazing.” Since then, she has been releasing her updates regarding her pregnancy. Earlier this week, Teigen singled out the brains of her Twitter followers and asked them if she should wax “there” to “treat the doctor well” before going into labor or a C-section. I was. (according to the answer Dr. Jennifer Gunter, is a very definitive number. )

A few days ago, the mogul seemed ready to give birth — wax or no wax. She wrote, “And yes, I’m still pregnant,” in her caption, and shared some family photos of the kids playing at her interactive event, Dinosaurs in the Valley.she said before people At least for Luna and Miles, this will be their “longest pregnancy” since they’ve seen her go through IVF. I knew I could put it in my belly,” she said. “So they knew from the beginning.”

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