Christmas 2022: Is eating rum cake during pregnancy safe?

Christmas means sweets, treats, and love. Rum cake is on our list of top 10 must-eats on vacation. Yes, there are tarts, cookies, and multiple cakes that make this winter festival sweeter, but rum cake screams congratulations because it’s the perfect combination of alcohol and dried fruit. Plums, walnuts and various dried fruits should be chopped and ready to be soaked in rum. But if you’re pregnant and thinking about indulging in this homemade happiness, you should think again. Eating rum cake while pregnant may not actually be a safe choice.

Looking for rum cake recipes online? If you are pregnant, discontinue as it may not be the best choice.

Health Shots checked with Dr. Hari Lakshmi, consultant nutritionist/nutritionist at The Motherhood Hospital, Alwarpet, Chennai, to find out why lamb cake is not a healthy choice for pregnant women.

Pregnant women should avoid eating rum cake.Image credit: Shutterstock

Is it safe to eat rum cake while pregnant?

Expectant mothers can enjoy the festivities, but they also need to be careful about diet and nutrition. It goes without saying that pregnant women should be careful about what they eat. But experts said Christmas rum cakes “shouldn’t be like that.”

Rum Cake Ingredients May Be Harmful to Pregnant Women

As the name suggests, rum cake contains alcohol. Lakshmi says it’s best for pregnant women to avoid foods containing alcohol, and one food that contains both alcohol and a lot of sugar is rum cake. However, if consumed by a pregnant woman, there is a risk of exposure to alcohol while the fetus is still developing in the womb, causing harm to the fetus. Doctors warn about the side effects of alcohol during pregnancy on fetal development, and it can even lead to disorders of the alcohol spectrum in the fetus. May cause gestational diabetes if taken during pregnancy.

pregnancy and varicose veins
Pregnant women can eat cakes made with dark chocolate and unsweetened cocoa.Image credit: Shutterstock

pregnant women should avoid rum cake

While you may be tempted to eat a little bit of delicious rum cake, experts advise pregnant women to “avoid rum cake completely during the festive season.” There is no safe level of alcohol to consume, so it should be avoided altogether.” rice field.

Other cakes that pregnant women can eat

Lakshmi suggested that pregnant women can eat cakes made with dark chocolate and unsweetened cocoa. Experts said it can be consumed in moderate amounts and is a much better choice than rum cake for pregnant women.

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