Conservatives are outraged that Joker gets pregnant in latest Batman comic

pregnant jokerPhoto: DC Comics

A new DC Comics book features Batman’s greatest supervillain, the Joker, but with a twist: The Clown Prince of Crime becomes pregnant after a sorcerer curses him.

Of course, some conservative media figures are upset because they think DC Comics made the Joker a transgender man. I understand.

“Readers may be tempted to think that this is part of DC’s attempt to do storytelling involving awakened LGBTQ with Joker, a transgender man going through a typical pregnancy. .

Sure, the headline for this publication calls the plot line “grotesque,” but the Joker isn’t transgender.

The storyline takes place in a short comic at the end of the latest installment in the series joker the man who stopped laughingIn it, the Joker hopes to have a male successor to his crime kingdom.

When he tries to woo Zatanna, a powerful magician from the Justice League of superheroes, she instead says, “Nobody else will have your baby!” curse the joker

Zatanna’s spell impregnates the Joker with his own child instead of making him unattractive to all women. This is especially true given that Joker has abused women and romantic partners in the comics in the past.

The “baby” inside the Joker turns out to be a living lump of mud made of the shape-shifting supervillain Clayface, who transforms into a smaller version of himself after he literally spit it out.

In a Fox News report on the resulting conservative outrage, the media quote a tweet From former congressional candidate Robbie Starbuck (R-Tn.), “Yeah, the Joker is trans now. Because the definition of a Joker is a pregnant woman thinking she’s a pregnant man.” At least the character is the Joker. Anyone else sick of this madness?”

The article also cites conservative influencer Nick Adams. wrote on twitter“Joker the man gets pregnant. That’s not how it works! Until further notice we are calling for a complete and complete boycott of the Joker. Fully electric Batmobile next!?”

Adams advocated bringing children into the sexual environment of Hooters, and even advocated giving pornography to underage boys, but it is not uncommon for teachers to discourage the presence of LGBTQ+ people in their school’s students. He doesn’t think it should be allowed to mention doing.

Ethan Van Sciver — Conservative comic book YouTube critic, Comicsgate advocate, Comicsgate advocate, Comicgate advocate says declining quality and sales of comics Claims it’s because of progress — wrote on twitter“DC Comics is getting weirder and weirder, allowing more perverts and fetishists to make grotesque filth out of classic characters.”

Twitter commenter @TinseltownMayor, I have written“It’s usually pretty funny when conservatives complain about comics they don’t read, but today’s fake rage is about a discontinuous back-up story in which the Joker swallows a cursed wad of mud. Because your pea brain explodes when you see a pregnant man.

but the comic site breeding cool One of the most famous stories of the Joker, killing jokes (1988) featured two of the Joker’s cross-dressing minions, stripping Police Commissioner Gordon, leashing him and marching him around a carnival, showing him pictures of his naked daughter being violently fucked. rice field.

“But at least the Joker didn’t get Gordon pregnant, right?” breeding cool I have written. “It’s just one step too far.”

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