Couple secretly records video of friends’ reactions to pregnancy announcement | Trending

Capturing that amazing pregnancy announcement moment and sharing it online puts a smile on many people’s faces. Like this video showing the reaction of a group of people to a friend’s pregnancy announcement.

Content creator Jordan Lee posted a video on Instagram. “I’ve pulled enough heart strings…I hope you can laugh at this,” he wrote while sharing the video.

The clip begins with a group standing in front of the camera waiting for a photo to be clicked. At that moment a man reveals that his wife is pregnant. The clip then shows people’s reactions, also in slow motion.

Watch the video:

Since being shared, the video has garnered over 11,000 likes. Sharing is accumulating several more likes and comments. People shared how much they loved watching the videos.

Here’s how people react:

“I want a friend group like this!” Expressed an Instagram user. “Every time I look, I always see something new,” another commented. “Yeah this is an incredible reveal. “Best way to announce,” wrote her fourth user.

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