Covid-19 during pregnancy increases serious health risks: Study

San Francisco, January 17: Pregnant women infected with Covid-19 have a seven times higher risk of dying and a significantly higher risk of being admitted to an intensive care unit or contracting pneumonia, a new study shows.

Covid-19 during pregnancy also increases the risk that a baby will need to be admitted to an intensive care unit, according to a study published in BMJ Global Health.

“This study provides the most comprehensive evidence to date to suggest that Covid-19 is a threat during pregnancy,” said lead author of the study, of the US-based George Washington University. said Emily R. Smith, assistant professor of global health.

“Our findings highlight the importance of Covid-19 vaccination for all women of childbearing age,” she added.

Additionally, researchers found that pregnant women with Covid-19 were at more than three times the risk of being admitted to an intensive care unit, compared to uninfected pregnant women.

Covid-19 patients who require ICU care are also more likely to die.

Studies have shown that Covid-19 can impair breathing capacity, and in severe cases, patients require ventilators to survive.

They also had an approximately 23-fold higher risk of developing pneumonia, a potentially life-threatening complication of Covid-19, and a risk of pain, swelling, and other potentially life-threatening thromboembolism (blood clots). is more than five times higher. Covid-19 infection problem.

Smith noted that more than 80 countries still do not recommend that all pregnant and breastfeeding women receive the Covid vaccine, despite the very serious health risks. increase.


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