DC Writer Responds to Joker Pregnancy Controversy

DC writer Matthew Rosenberg addresses the recent controversy over his cartoon storyline featuring the Joker getting pregnant!

His Sustack post is titled “Chapter 90: I think we need to talk about it.” Rosenberg writes: MAN WHO STOPPED LAUGHING makes the Joker transgender, then they get pregnant and give birth… just a minor problem, but it doesn’t really happen in the comics. ”

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How did the Joker get pregnant? explained

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A new DC comic series. Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing is a mystery series centered around two different versions of the Joker (a sadistic killer and a flamboyant crime boss) operating simultaneously in both Gotham City and Los Angeles. The comic also comes with his story backed up by Matthew Rosenberg, Francesco Francavilla, and Tom Napolitano, and is depicted in classic “Silver Age” DC comics style, telling the retro Joker’s plan to steal water from Gotham. The feature is what you are trying to do. river. In the fourth issue of the series, DC’s heroine sorcerer Zatanna shows up to thwart the Joker’s plans, but the hero and villain have a strange kind of bond, and Zatanna uses her backwards magic to literally turn the Joker into a monster. Cast a spell stating “no one” to Otherwise you will have your baby! ”

Hmm… magic is a hard thing. Zatanna may have intended to secure Joker’s position as future baby mama for good, but in the end, the spell makes Joker the only one who can carry his own baby. It is far from a typical pregnancy and childbirth. The Joker delivers a mud baby out of his mouth, which turns out to be part of Batman’s villain Clayface. That mud baby eventually transforms into a smaller version of the Joker himself, and they become a demented family member.

That’s the magic of comics. what else should i say?

Matthew Rosenberg responds to Joker’s pregnancy controversy

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Here is the longer part of the response from joker the man who stopped laughing Writer Matthew Rosenberg:

If you don’t get news from people saying “this is what you should be angry about”, chances are you’re missing this. However, in certain parts of the world, the new issue of Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing makes Joker go into a trance and then get pregnant and give birth. What should I do? Think of the children!!

It’s just a minor issue, but it doesn’t really happen in the comics. Still, Fox News, The NY Post, Channel 1 Russia, various internet rage peddlers, and so many other sources of journalistic excellence are all going full-on in this week. did not stop Of course, this made social media somewhat useless for me. My DM has never been more exciting!…

For those of you who haven’t read the book, I should explain… The backup story was created by myself with the great art of Francesco Francavilla, and it’s a frenetic, Silver Age-style version of The Joker. It’s become a dream. A discontinuous description of how multiple Jokers and other themes in the book can exist.

Please enter last week’s issue. In this issue, the Joker swallows mud and is cursed by Zatanna, waking up with his belly swollen. One of his silly minions in each issue comments that he may be pregnant… Joker vomited up the mud he swallowed. Running around, some people are killed, and eventually it turns out that the mud is actually the supervillain Clayface, or at least part of him… we jump forward in time, magical The vomit mud monster has changed shape to resemble a smaller version of the Joker, and the Joker calls him “my son”. I was writing an award acceptance speech for Page’s Opus, and apparently some people were in an uproar.

As you may have noticed from my summary, this is not a fable, a metaphor, or a social commentary. It’s a joke. I say this is not some kind of betrayal. I believe transgender rights are human rights. What a tribute to organizations like Trans Lifeline, the National Center for Trans Equality, and the Trevor Project who are doing an incredible job of promoting trans rights and protecting trans lives. I’ve raised and donated more than once… a story. It’s a story about magical food poisoning.

I now understand that people at Fox News and the Post might look up to the Joker and see his ambitious figure. ate all the people of china I have giant chopsticks, but I think they can see it the other way around.In any case, thank you for promoting our book.I hear it’s sold out from many retailers. increase. I am grateful.

That’s why: Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing is now available from DC.

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