DC Writer Speaks Out on Heavy Backlash

The writer behind a recent DC Comics story in which the Joker appears pregnant has responded to the controversy over the twist.

DC recently released its 4th issue in progress. Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing In the comic series, the final page was accompanied by a rather bizarre back-up story.

child’s mother? It was none other than DC’s famous magical hero, Zatanna. He cast a spell on the Joker after trying to convince him to start a family with him. He spewed out a similar substance and transformed into a mini-clown claiming to be the Joker’s son.


Funny, right? Well, not everyone seems to think so.

The viral comic story sparked a lot of controversy for its ridiculousness, its impact on DC canon, and its depiction of Joker’s transgender – yes, some fans interpreted it. , the writer behind the story gave his reaction.

DC’s pregnant Joker writer clears the air amid backlash

Matthew Rosenberg – the DC writer behind Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing A recent comic book series in which a Batman villain became pregnant and gave birth to Zatanna’s child has responded to controversy over a surprising story twist in a newsletter.

The writers initially stated that despite the controversy over the Joker supposedly going transgender and having children, “It never really happens in the comics.” This made him joke despite how this backlash made social media “can not use” for him his “DM has never been more exciting.”

The story of how Joker gave birth to this child comes from the inside story of the fourth issue that follows the main story. “How violently their lives intersect with two different men claiming to be the Joker.” Unlike the main stories mentioned above, these backup stories are “Stupid Gag Strip”.

each intended “exploring various non-continuous explanations for how multiple Jokers may exist” And it’s already led to some outlandish stories, but none of them “discussed or approved” In the following questions:”

“The backup story, which I myself have created with the great art Francesco Francavilla, is made into something of a Joker Silver Age-style fevered dream. cloned himself in the mirror of the , faked his own death so that he could see what people would say at the funeral, and accidentally landed in a gorilla’s body and one of his little henchmen like a myth. A six-armed gorilla/circus performer/murderous clown centaur.In each issue, the events of the previous issue are neither discussed nor acknowledged.”

To explain the latest controversial story, in this story, “The Joker swallows mud, is cursed by Zatanna, and wakes up with a swollen belly.” This prompts one of his henchmen to realize that he may be pregnant and to track down supervillain Doctor Phosphorus, who is not an actual doctor.

When the Flaming Skull villain wondered which part of Joker’s anatomy the baby would come out of, Batman’s antagonist spat out the mud he had swallowed earlier, leading him to tell the doctor straight. rice field. “I guess you weren’t pregnant after all.”

This mud actually comes to life and wreaks all sorts of disaster before being revealed to be the supervillain Clayface, or at least part of him. , some time later, Clayface turned himself into a mini-joker, and the Clown Prince of Crime labeled him as: “my son”

Rosenberg quickly revealed that “This is not a fable, a metaphor, or a social commentary. It’s a joke.” However, the writer quickly voiced her support for transgender rights and made fundraising and donations to several charities that support the cause.

the writer joked “People at Fox News and the Post might look up to the Joker and see him as an ambitious figure. Before listing many of his heinous crimes, including cannibalism, brutal killings, serious assaults, and even sexual assaults, he believes these right-leaning outlets were “And a little.”

He added: “We are in no way trying to undermine the original legacy of this psychotic serial killer.” He then pointed out his belief that the story was completely taken out of context and misunderstood.

Finally, Rosenberg argues that these outlets are simply “Working on cycles of anger and alienation in their audience to maintain their interest and anger.” No real consideration is given as to whether this accurately represents the news.

Nonetheless, the writer appreciates that all of this controversy provided a massive boost to his promotion. joker series, concluding his newsletter he has since “I heard from many retailers that they are sold out.”

Are fans overthinking DC’s latest Joker story?

Clearly, some fans have greatly misunderstood what Matthew Rosenberg was trying to achieve with him. Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing series. In addition to his meaningful stamp on the series’ DC lore, the writer aims to use these short backup his stories to entertain the characters.

Of course, none of these stories are really prescriptive or influential. The Joker isn’t going to have a child with Zatanna in DC Comics. Terms keep being thrown around.

Hopefully, the debacle surrounding this particular story doesn’t lead Rosenberg and DC to rethink moving this concept forward. After all, it allows us to explore Joker as a character in new and unique ways.

Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing Four issues are currently available from comic retailers.

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