Democratic governor seeks to expand abortion access in Maine

Maine Governor Janet Mills and legislative leaders want to expand access to abortions, allow abortions after 24 weeks with a doctor’s approval, and take steps to protect health care providers. thinking about.

One bill would allow women to have an abortion anytime before birth if a doctor deems it necessary. Current state law prohibits abortion approximately 24 weeks after the fetus is viable outside the womb.

Mills, a Democrat, cited the case of Yarmouth veterinarian Dana Purse. He was forced to go to Colorado for an abortion because abortion was banned in Maine during his third trimester of pregnancy. I found out.

“Decisions to have an abortion are very personal and can be heartbreaking, as was the case with Dana. Fundamentally, these are decisions that should be made by the woman and her health care providers,” Mills said. said.

Announcements by Mills, House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross, and Senate Speaker Troy Jackson (all Democrats) mark the 50th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade case, which was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court last June. It was supposed to happen a few days ago.

Legislators claimed that one in three women nationwide has lost access to safe and legal abortion since states began banning the procedure.

Talbot Ross said Maine will protect abortion access and health care providers. “It serves as an inspiring light,” she said.

House Republicans released a statement saying the proposed changes were too extreme, suggesting that Maine lawmakers are happy with the current law.

Maine’s Christian Civic League policy chief questions whether lawmakers should focus on inflation and affordable housing instead of abortion, guarantees abortion will play an ’emotional tug-of-war’ He said it was.

In Maine, a Republican governor signed a law in 1993 granting the right to abort a fetus before it is viable. Current law allows abortion only if the life or health of the pregnant person is in danger or if the pregnancy is no longer viable.

Mills said Maine has yet to make a decision on whether it should propose a constitutional amendment to enact state law.She said the issue is currently being considered by the attorney general. .

Peirce said she was shocked to learn during a routine check-up that her son (she had already named him Cameron) was in a fatal condition, suffering from fractures and other problems in utero. Told.

Peirce told the Associated Press that no one should have to go through such a painful experience.It was made worse by having to seek health care in another state for something medically recommended. .

“This was a really sad event. We did our best. I’m doing my best now to change it for others,” she said.


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