Democrats Vote Against Condemning Attacks on Pro-Life Centers

More than 200 House Democrats Wednesday opposed condemning numerous anti-abortion attacks on pregnancy centers since the leak of a draft opinion that the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade. voted.

H. Con. Resolution 3, which expresses congressional sentiment condemning recent attacks on pro-life institutions, groups, and churches, passed 222 to 208, with three Democrats supporting it.

At least 78 pro-life groups and 108 churches have been attacked since May, according to Catholic Vote Tracker. Vandals often tag these buildings with threats such as “If abortion is unsafe, neither are you,” making attacks suspected of pro-abortion violence.

However, as of Wednesday, authorities had not arrested anyone in connection with those a democrat New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez They are reluctant to condemn or even admit to aggression.

This week, Democratic leadership urged lawmakers to vote “no” for H. Con Res. 3. Defend their position, noting that the resolution does not discuss attacks on pro-abortion groups.

“Violence against abortion clinics has increased 128% last year compared to 2020,” said an email from Democratic whip Catherine Clarke, apparently citing figures from the National Abortion Federation.

Planned Parenthood action arm similarly claimed That the resolution ignores “threats of violence against abortion providers and patients.”

The DOJ’s Office for Civil Rights declined to share with The Daily Signal whether it is prosecuting any of these cases under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. healthcare services. “

Meanwhile, the Office of Civil Rights indicted 26 pro-life individuals for violations of the FACE Act in 2022, but the law protects both pro-life pregnancy centers and abortion clinics, DOJ said. The official pointed it out to Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy. in December.

Also in December, it revealed that the DOJ was targeting pro-life activists through the FACE Act in response to Law’s remarks being overturned at the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division’s 65th anniversary celebrations.

The deputy attorney general said the Roe v. Wade overthrow was a “devastating blow to women across the country”, took away “the constitutional right to abortion” and increased the “urgency” of the Justice Department’s work. rice field. FACE Act to ensure continued legal access to reproductive services.

A House Republican resolution lists dozens of attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and churches, saying Congress condemned these attacks and urged the Justice Department to bring prosecutions.

Catholic Vote Chairman Brian Birch described the resolution as a “test” of “the credibility of the Democrats’ purported desire to combat domestic terrorism,” calling it a “perhaps disingenuous desire.” “Considering how Democrats have spent months downplaying and even promoting violence,” he said. Oppose pro-life organizations that provide millions of dollars worth of resources and exist to help women and children in need. “

“It’s worth noting that the simple things of protecting women and children from violent attacks and protecting innocent children from the excruciating trauma of abortion are even slightly controversial,” he added. Violence should not be a partisan issue, and no American should be the ruler of law, even if it conveniently targets the political enemies of those responsible for enforcing it.”

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