Dipika Kakar shares complications in first trimester of pregnancy: ‘There was small bleed which was worrisome’

Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakkar are one of the most popular celebrity couples in showbiz and have a huge following. Both have carved an irreplaceable space in the hearts of the audience with their talent and real chemistry. The couple are very active on all their social media platforms and often give fans a glimpse into their personal lives. The news comes after several reports that the couple are ready to embrace parenthood.

Dipika Kakar shares early pregnancy complications.

Posting this announcement, Shoaib, who is busy filming his show Ajooni, is cornered by the media and asked about his experience. Dipika Kakar also revealed in his vlog that the most beautiful thing his father experiences in real life is when he sees the scan of his baby. In another vlog, Dipika also revealed that she developed some complications and had symptoms that were bothering her, which she told her doctor. She said, “So basically muje jo hai todi sis spotting sur hone ragi ti (there was spotting). But then for two days it increased, when I was told to come down for a scan.”

Dipika continued, “Through the scan, I learned that there was a small bleed. At that stage, the baby was very small and it was harmful. The bleed was bigger than that. I was worried. She told me I prescribed the medicines I needed and completed my bed rest.I lay down all day and walked from one room to another.”

Dipika added, “During this time, I caught a cold and had a cough. Your immune system is weakened during pregnancy. It’s easy to get infected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take medicine. Stay in touch with your gynecologist and doctor. In her vlog, Dipika played the role of a pregnant husband. and praised Shoaib for being the best. She revealed that Shoaib was a big support to her and kept the environment around her happy.

On the professional side, Dipika Kakar was seen making a brief appearance in Sasural Simar Ka 2, while Shoaib Ibrahim is busy with his show ‘Ajooni’.

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