Does Riley Keough Have a Child? Daughter, Pregnancy Rumors

Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter at her funeral Riley Keoughhusband of, Ben Smith-Petersonrumors swirled that he and Riley welcomed a daughter, but does Riley have kids? Keep reading for everything we know.

Does Riley Keough Have a Daughter?

While reading tributes from his wife of 33 on stage, Ben revealed that they have a child together.

“I hope I can love my daughter the way you loved me, the way you loved my brothers and sisters,” Ben read from Riley’s tribute. “Thank you for giving me strength, heart, empathy, courage, a sense of humor, manners, temper, wildness and tenacity. I am a product of your mind and my sisters are a product of your mind.” and my brother is a product of your heart.”

Riley’s rep confirmed in contact In fact, the pair have a daughter.

When did Riley Keough and Ben Smith Peterson get married?

of Zora The actress tied the knot with Ben in February 2015. The couple first met on a movie set in 2012. Mad Max Fury RoadHowever, they didn’t start dating until 2013.

Riley opened up about their romance in a May 2022 essay she wrote vogue australia.

“We shot Mad Max Fury Road It is in Namibia that I met Ben,” she explained. “He was in a stunt crew. I knew who he was, but we were dating, so he didn’t look at anyone that way.”

Riley added that they reunited “after a year” “to do reshoots in Sydney.”

“I had just gotten out of a relationship that needed to be restored, so I definitely wasn’t looking for anything,” continued Elvis Presley’s granddaughter. “Ben was on set and I saw him.” It’s been a year and he feels grown up and there was something about him. I felt he was very mature. We were at Fox Studios in Sydney. He came to me and said, “Can you send me my music and listen to it?” I replied, “Of course.” I said to him, “I’m here he’s been here for a month. There’s not much to do. Can you teach me how to surf?” Because I’m very scared of sharks and I definitely don’t want to surf right now.

Do Riley Keough and Ben Smith-Peterson have other children?

The couple has no children other than the mentioned daughter Ben.

Who are Riley Keough’s Parents?

Riley’s late mother, Lisa Marie Presley, shared her and brother Benjamin Keough with her ex-husband Danny KeoughBenjamin committed suicide in 2020.

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