DOJ official touts prosecution of anti-abortion advocates while vandalized pregnancy centers await justice

The Justice Department has relied on a 1994 law to arrest anti-abortion activists amid an influx of violent attacks at unindicted religious pregnancy centers.

Known as the Clinic Entry Act, the law serves as an agency enforcement agency against “threats of force, obstruction, and property damage intended to interfere with reproductive health care services.”Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta said he overturned the Supreme Court ruling on Dec. Law vs Wade “Increase the DOJ’s ‘urgency’ to implement the FACE Act, to ensure continued lawful access to reproductive services,” according to a press release detailing her remarks at the Civil Rights Office’s 65th anniversary celebration.

But Gupta’s admission amplifies previous questions about attacks on unpunished religious pregnancy resource centers, including instances of arson, vandalism, and violent intimidation. At least 77 pregnancy resource centers were targeted for vandalism this year, and not a single arrest was made, according to the group that tracks it, The Catholic Vote.

FBI investigating ‘series of attacks and threats’ against pregnancy centers and faith-based groups

So far, the agency’s civil rights division has prosecuted 26 anti-abortion activists for FACE violations this year. is not clear.

Last week, DOJ officials noted that they were investigating “multiple reports” of attacks on pregnancy centers that do not offer abortions, and that the FACE Act was intended to apply equally to threats to pregnancy resources. He told Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) that he did.According to Centers and Abortion Clinics Daily Signal.

The Catholic Vote said the number of attacks on the Crisis Center could exceed 77 as no specific threats are reported because “Resource Centers want to protect their clients.”

The majority of attacks on pregnancy centers have been attributed to abortion rights groups known as Jane’s Revenge and Ruth St. As. Some graffiti vandalism involved the group’s name spray-painted on private property.

The FBI has been investigating attacks on both abortion clinics and fertility centers since at least June 16, and at the time said, “The FBI takes all threats seriously and is working closely with our law enforcement partners.” We will continue to remain vigilant to protect our communities.” Officials did not acknowledge any specific threats in their June statement.

The 26 FACE Act indictment against anti-abortion activists goes beyond the level of punishment for those who attack anti-abortion pregnancy centers and is consistent with continued threats against some religious anti-abortion groups.

Last week, the Catholic Church of Omaha, Nebraska, said in an anonymous letter that it plans to “shoot” the chapel with AR-style firearms if the city of Bellevue, part of the Omaha Council Bluffs metropolitan area, is attacked. I was threatened. The region has passed an abortion ban.

“For trying to pass the anti-abortion bill denies you the right to abortion in Bellevue, and if it does, we will shoot your Newman Center with our new AR14 rifles.Jane’s revenge, from the heart.” St. John To Reverend Dan Andrews of the Paul II Newman Center.

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The FBI field office in Omaha is working with the Omaha Police Department and the Department of Public Safety to investigate the threat, said a spokesperson. Washington Examiner.

of Washington Jury I have asked the DOJ for a response.

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