Dollar Tree shoppers go wild for ‘best ever’ bargain on pregnancy tests – but Walmart’s are even cheaper

A woman found an incredible swag with a pregnancy test at Dollar Tree, but Walmart is even cheaper.

She shared her find in a video, shared with her over 58,000 TikTok followers.


Woman Finds Affordable $1 Pregnancy Test at Dollar TreeCredit: TikTok/@rainbowbabychasing
After that, the price for the test rose to $1.25, and you can find cheaper versions at Walmart.


After that, the price for the test rose to $1.25, and you can find cheaper versions at Walmart.Credit: TikTok/@rainbowbabychasing

A follower had put her on a cheap pregnancy test he found in the comments.

“Hey, Dollar Tree, they work the same, and they’re $1,” they said.

The Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test has since increased in price from $1 to $1.25, but the test is still incredibly affordable.

She ran to the nearest Dollar Tree to see for herself.

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“Oh, folks, I hit Motherlord,” she said.

She pointed the camera at a pink test wall that came in an incredibly affordable box.

“I finally found a 100-yen shop pregnancy test,” she said.

Her viewers received comments and shared their reactions.

“I’ve honestly used these for all three pregnancies and they were right,” said one woman.

However, some have suggested a cheaper alternative at Walmart, which used to be 88 cents and is now $1.16.

“They’re only $0.88 at Walmart and I’ve never gotten a false negative with these. They work great. That’s what clinics use,” said one commenter. rice field.

“I love Walmart’s .88 test!” said another.

“These and Walmart’s 88-cent tests are better than the more expensive ones because they require less hormones to detect pregnancy.

Whether you’re buying Dollar Tree or Walmart Test, rest assured that a mere penny price difference won’t break the bank.

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