Drugstore abortion pill sales cut out pregnancy help, put women at increased risk

An important aspect of allowing pharmacies to sell less-talked-about abortion pills is the significant involvement of pregnancy support organizations in the process of potentially life-affirming interventions before women procure chemical abortions. Massive exclusion.

For the for-profit abortion industry, bypassing those who are ready to help women make life choices is a big win.

The abortion lobby has decided to cut back on in-person doctor visits for women to have abortions. get abortion pills to get dangerous abortion pills It falls into the hands of a pregnant mother before someone helps her get pregnant. abortion pills It is more profitable than surgical abortion because it does not involve brick-and-mortar building or associated costs, or the actual hands-on procedure.

Now, President Joe Biden has persuaded abortionists to grant their wishes. The FDA recently announced that you can now sell abortion pills at your local pharmacy.

This means these abortions No doctor visit or pregnancy test required.

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Many pregnancy centers around the country are intentionally located near abortion centers. Likewise, those who pray at these abortion facilities offer truth and real help to young mothers heading for abortions by urging them to go to abortion centers. I, the mother, will be freed from the pain of a lifetime.

If you don’t need to go to Planned Parenthood or other abortion center in person, expectant mothers to see their baby’s ultrasound, hear about available assistance, and read about adoption-ready and eager couples. I have no chance to listen.

Walgreens and CVS Already announced that “they are on board” to provide these dangerous abortion pills to women. They are willing to become abortion providers like Planned Parenthood and sell abortion pills along with shampoo, birthday cards and cold medicine. Did. chemical abortion provider.

Offer of neighborhood drugstore abortion medicine Opens the door for all kinds of dangerous scenarios.

What if a woman thinks she’s pregnant but isn’t? what should I do?

What if the mother inaccurately guesses the gestational age of the fetus? This is fairly common and, of course, no pregnancy test can determine how advanced the pregnancy is.

What if she’s under 18 and her boyfriend is older? No one intervenes and reports statutory rape situations.

What if she was a sex trafficking victim? She has no one to stand between her and her abuser, take her to her safe place, and notify her authorities.

What if she had no idea about the deaths and serious side effects of these drugs? That’s not informed consent.

What if someone other than the expectant mother got the medication and slipped it into her or otherwise coerced her into taking it? do you want?

These real-life situations further prove that the claims made by Planned Parenthood and other abortion experts that they care about women and their health are bogus.

Dr. Donna Harrison of the American Association of Professional-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) says it will bring abortion pills to women without face-to-face testing.A dangerous and life-threatening risk for women.” “Because the gestational age cannot be accurately determined and the possibility of complications such as ectopic pregnancy cannot be ruled out.

Those who profit from abortion now celebrate the fact that women who feel compelled to end their children’s lives can do so without direct medical attention. But regardless of the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy or the mother’s state of mind, how safe is it to be given and taken without medical supervision?

Conversely, the importance of life-affirming activities of approximately 3,000 pregnancy centers nationwide cannot be overestimated.

These life-saving interactions are thwarted by abortion pills that are available just by running into the corner drugstore.

Tweet this: Abortion lobby groups want to eliminate the possibility of life-affirming assisted pregnancy in the process of chemical abortion – the FDA allows them to do so.

Without in-person medical attention and the opportunity to meet a kindly prayer at an abortion center, thousands and thousands of young women would never know the truth they deserved to hear, the truth they would most likely refuse to have an abortion. will be denied. And more babies will be killed and countless lives will be adversely affected.

Susan B. Anthony ProLife America emphasized How information is denied to expectant mothers in a rush to market more abortions:

Multiple peer-reviewed studies confirm that women are at risk of: severe side effects including bleeding, the need for follow-up surgery, and even death after taking chemical abortion drugs. Studies have found that chemical abortions can cause four times more complications than surgical abortions, and these risks only increase as the pregnancy progresses and lacks medical supervision. A peer-reviewed study from the Charlotte Lozier Institute also found that after a chemical abortion he had a 53% higher risk of seeing her in the ER for abortion complications than after a surgical abortion.

One-third (34%) of post-abortion womenReported negative changes in themselves, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or suicidal thoughts,” according to Post-abortion support

These are just some of the short-term studies. I don’t know what the long term results will be.

More information about abortion drugs is available hereand information about canceling abortion pills is available here. Various pro-life organizations that is organizing protests When Petition to CVS and Walgreens.

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