Eating spicy foods in pregnancy can’t cause blindness in babies, experts say

medicine Also, nutrition experts say there is no scientific evidence to suggest that eating spicy food during pregnancy is dangerous and can cause blindness in the baby.

According to them, no studies have yet linked blindness in children with the consumption of spicy foods during pregnancy.

However, they said eating spicy foods can put you at risk of heartburn, especially for pregnant women who had ulcers before conception.

In an interview with PUNCH HealthWise, one of the experts, Professor Ignatius Onimawo, a professor of public health and nutrition, said it’s not true that eating spicy food during pregnancy will blind your baby.

Myths suggest that spicy foods eaten during pregnancy can burn the baby’s eyes and cause blindness.

Professor Onimawo, former Vice Chancellor of Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma, Edo State, said: There is no research to support that kind of statement. I don’t know of any spices that pregnant women should avoid.

“Some people eat a lot of spices, some people don’t. Because of the way people are raised, they don’t like it.”

Don said he doesn’t know spicy foods are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Professor Onimawo, former president of the Nigerian Nutrition Association, pointed out that drugs and alcohol are contraindicated during pregnancy and have harmful effects on the fetus, not spicy foods.

However, nutritionists have urged pregnant women to eat healthier and consume more fruits and vegetables.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, food safety is essential for everyone, but especially for pregnant women, fetuses, and children under five.

Online portal BabyCentre says spicy foods are safe during pregnancy.

“Yes, spicy foods are safe for you and your baby during pregnancy. They certainly don’t make a long list of foods to avoid when you’re pregnant.

“Many people (wrongly) believe that eating spicy food is dangerous, whether they are pregnant or not. It doesn’t always work out in the heat,” the center said.

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