Exclusive: Gauahar Khan on pregnancy: Want to cherish this time despite being in the limelight | Web Series

Actor Gauahar Khan and husband Zaid Durbar announced their pregnancy on Tuesday in an animated reel on social media. The caption reads, “Z meets G and one becomes two, three and the adventure continues. To Sha Allah we ask for all your prayers and blessings on this beautiful journey.”

The excited mother says she is looking forward to this stage in her life. I want to cherish it while being in the spotlight. I want to keep it as inconspicuous as possible, but since I am a public figure, I wanted to make it public while receiving the blessings of the people who were with me. This will be a whole new journey for both of us. we are both happy. ”

She reveals that she worked non-stop for the first three months, “trying to figure things out.” “I’m really into filming action shows and doing some of my own stunts. I have a lot of live events and a lot of travel, so I’ll be working until January, and I’ll be lining up until mid-February. People has already told me not to work so much, and in the next five months, if anyone needs a pregnant woman, I might get a call for a pregnant woman role,” she quipped.

Khan admits she’s been working for 20 years, and although it may slow down a bit now, “I think I can’t do without work, so I’ll keep working.”

Khan says being a mother is an indescribable feeling. “My feelings for my children are multiplied because I felt like a mother to them and was there for them whenever possible,” she concludes.

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