Extra virgin olive oil consumption during pregnancy boosts mother’s breast milk quality

Barcelona, ​​Spain – Mothers-to-be may want to add a little EVOO to their diet. A recent study found that consuming extra virgin olive oil during pregnancy improves breast milk quality.

Spanish researchers say this popular dressing and cooking ingredient is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fats that help your baby grow. They even cross the placental barrier and improve the child’s development in the womb.

“This is the first study to report the transmission of extra virgin olive oil plant compounds from a breastfeeding mother to her offspring,” says lead author Dr. Maria Rodriguez Lagunas, according to a SWNS statement.

The findings are based on female rats fed olive oil for 6 weeks. Analysis of blood samples identified chemical derivatives of the mother and her pups.an antioxidant called Hydroxytyrosol When Tyrosol Destroys free radicals that damage DNA.

“Our results support that a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil can alter or increase the chemical content of breast milk, with potential benefits for infant health. There is,” Dr. Rodriguez Lagunas told SWNS. “Furthermore, encouraging levels of olive oil compounds and their metabolites were detected in offspring plasma.”

EVOO and breast milk may be a very healthy combination

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants. Contains essential nutrients, hormones and antibodies that protect against infectious and metabolic diseases. Breastfeeding also has many short- and long-term benefits for mothers, such as reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Extra virgin olive oil is the main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet and has long been touted for its health benefits.

“Our findings shed new light on the importance of maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation,” said the University of Barcelona researchers in a statement. It provides a basis for future research on the effects of plant compounds on the health of humans.”

Extra virgin olive oil is also easy to digest and aids in stomach function, preventing constipation and colic. By regulating calcium, EVOO aids in the absorption of vitamin D, which is important for the growth of babies and children.

This gives children greater protection against the risk of fractures in childhood and osteoporosis in old age. Lowers bad cholesterol. Doctors recommend replacing animal fats with it as well.

Some studies have shown that mothers who consumed consistent amounts of olive oil during pregnancy had a lower risk of asthma. We know the risk is low.

Should EVOO be included in baby food after breastfeeding?

In Italy, doctors strongly recommend using solid olive oil for babies who are weaning from breast milk. They even recommend adding it to baby formula.

Dr. Rodriguez Lagunas told SWNS: “Therefore, nutritional interventions during pregnancy and lactation may affect breast milk quality and thus infant health.”

The research is published in the journal food chemistry.

South West News Service writer Mark Waghorn contributed to this report.

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