‘Extreme Sisters’ Anna and Lucy Explore Pregnancy Together

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It’s a TLC reality show. extreme sisters Identical twin sisters Anna and Lucy DeCink definitely take it to the next level.They call themselves “the world’s most identical twins,” and they literally do everything together, from being with the same man to exploring pregnancies. extreme sisters Are you pregnant yet?

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Anna and Lucy from “Extreme Sisters” want to conceive at the same time.

Many twins love doing everything together, and Anna and Lucy are no exception.If anything, they even prefer to more More together than your typical set of twins.it also applies to their companions extreme sisters twins and triplets. It’s no surprise that Anna and Lucy would like to have children at exactly the same time.

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So far neither Anna nor Lucy seem to have successfully conceived, so there is no pregnancy. extreme sisters These two are still pregnant. However, season two explores what it’s like to have a baby at the same time as you buy and carry identical twin dolls.

One of the twins also admitted to having a hard time conceiving.

Anna and Lucy hope to one day marry Ben.

Another part of Ana and Lucy, well, Radical The relationship is the fact that they are with the same man, Ben Byrne.The Australian sisters got engaged to Ben in season one. extreme sisters The trio have been together for 11 years.

But so far they have not been able to legally marry because bigamy is a crime in Australia.

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In 2021, the sisters spoke Parsnau Be open about being part of the show and how they feel that is Show in a way. That’s certainly up for debate, but the sisters also shared more details about Ben and what he thinks about his two fiancées appearing on reality TV.

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“He was the one who really wanted us to do this show,” Lucy told the outlet. I was waiting to hear what it was like.Ben is a very cool guy and doesn’t really like “Look at me, I have two girlfriends.” just love what you are. ”

They also shared on the show how unfair they believed it was that they couldn’t get married at the same time as Ben. It seems that.

clock extreme sisters Monday at 9pm ET on TLC.

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